Rita Wilson: If everybody didn’t wear makeup we would all be on the same plane

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Rita Wilson has one of those “stars without makeup” features for People Magazine’s most beautiful issue, the one with Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson on the cover. I understand that we need to normalize women’s natural faces and provide a counterbalance to all the filtered and heavily made-up images in the media, however I dislike those features. I enjoy wearing makeup and sometimes those “stars without makeup” blurbs can veer sanctimonious, however this one did not. Rita struck a nice balance. Some women like Rita prefer to go without, just as some of us prefer to wear makeup. Here’s what she told People and I’ve transcribed the video on their site as it has more details than People excerpts.

How do I feel without makeup?
Actually I love it and prefer it because I’m able to get into bed at the end of the day and just do the very lightest cleansing and be done with it. You don’t have to do eye makeup remover and cotton and all of that. When I’m home or when it’s summertime and I’m not working, I’m a low maintenance kind of person I don’t really wear that much. I like the feeling of it. I like that you can rub your eyes and not really worry about getting mascara everywhere and yet at the same time I like a little mascara, I like a little lip gloss, a little blush.

Basically I grew up with my mom never wearing makeup. I think somehow that translated to me feeling ok not wearing makeup all the time. I like a natural look. If everybody didn’t wear makeup then we would all sort of be on the same plane. Kind of like ‘oh I like you, I like what you look like without all that stuff on.’

What is my daily skincare routine?
It is cleanser and moisturizer. It’s really whatever is available because I’m not fussy or particular. I like anything that can take off my eyemakeup as well. So something that is an all purpose cleanser but not too drying. On occasion I’ll use something with a little bit of a hyaluronic acid in it, like a serum or something. Every once in a while I’ll use a granular scrub of some sort. I don’t have any products to recommend because I’m not super fussy about it. I’ll just use whatever is available.

How have my beauty habits changed over the years?
I have never been a person who has intricate beauty routines. I am a cleanser, moisturizer kind of girl. I try to do other things but I’m never consistent with them. I do go to the dermatologist every three months because I’ve had some pre-cancerous things, and I wear sunblock.

[From People video]

How do you use skincare products and not know what your preferences are? I think she’s being honest in that she’s not particular about her products, but that she knows what they are and doesn’t want to recommend expensive skincare. If she’s going to the dermatologist every three months she’s probably getting high end skincare there too.

A lot of women agree with her about makeup, and this explains why she had a tough time when her makeup artist was late before the Golden Globes. As for this idea that we’re all on the same plane without makeup, I don’t think that’s true! I have light eyelashes and I don’t look as good without mascara and eye makeup as women with darker lashes. Plus sometimes my skin breaks out and I want to cover it up. Other people are dealing with breakouts and skin issues too. Of course once we wear makeup there’s a big difference between how we look, which depends on how skilled we are at applying it and which products we’re using, so I guess she has a point. It’s been interesting to see some of the on-air personalities at this time, and I’ll leave it at that.

Also I’m so glad that Rita and Tom are recovered now!

Watch the full PeopleTV special: https://t.co/oc4bpRxXaB pic.twitter.com/E3cUIfi2u1

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