Seth Rogen: The fact that I have no kids is making this not that bad

Why do I look like I’ve been self isolating for three years?

Seth Rogen was on Jimmy Kimmel this week, where he did this really funny and clever opener. I’m not going to spoil it for you, you can watch it below. He said that quarantining isn’t that bad for him, but that he’s been smoking more pot than usual and is glad it’s an essential service. Seth has been focusing on his pottery and ceramics-making and is now creating soap dispensers. My favorite part was when he said that things aren’t that bad for him because he doesn’t have kids. I like when men talk about being childfree although I think in Rogen’s case the fact that he smokes all day and makes pottery is a large part of that decision.

Happy belated birthday, what did you do?
My wife arranged for some of our friends to drive by our house and wave to me. For me it’s like perfect. All I want is to see everyone for 15-25 seconds. I don’t want to get too close. I’m more than happy to go out, wave to my friends, speak to them for 15 seconds and everyone can go on their merry way. I’m really built for this. The fact that I have no kids is making this truly not that bad.

That’s been getting a lot of discussion in our house, how jealous we are of people who are able to do what they want.
I would be lying alone on my deathbed having not talked to anyone for 15 years and I’ll be like ‘it was worth it for that coronavirus.’ Me and my wife had a lovely time.

Last month you were live tweeting Cats
It wasn’t a conscious decision. It was one of those things where I looked back and I was like ‘I’ve been doing this for an hour now.’

I’ve never seen Cats, the Broadway musical, I knew nothing about Cats. I was shocked, it’s appalling, it makes no sense. As a filmmaker you’re like ‘this is a poorly made movie’ which it might be, but it’s based on nonsense. The play is nonsense. It supports the theory I have that when something is live you have a much lower tolerance for how good or bad it is. Cats is the perfect example. That survived on Broadway for like 40 years. It sucks. As soon as you commit it to film, you see how it makes no sense.

Did you hear from any of the cast afterwards?
No but a visual effects artist who worked on the film reached out to me and told me that up until very close to release all the cats had buttholes. They had the visual effects artists frantically erase all the buttholes from the cats in the weeks leading up to release. That means that [a butthole cut exists].

[From Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube]

I’ve heard that about the butthole edit of Cats! I agree with his thoughts on live entertainment being held to a different standard, that’s true but I truly hated the play when I saw it at age 13. I doubt I’ll ever watch the movie. Seth also said that his parents are doing well, that they’re taking this seriously and that they’re in Canada, a “slightly better functioning country.” I think that’s a vast understatement. His mom is a yoga teacher and she’s been teaching classes on Zoom. Seth’s charity he highlighted on Kimmel is his own,, which is focusing on support for caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s.

As for not having kids, I keep thinking of what Zoe Saldana said about spending all her time trying to keep her three boys from murdering or setting fire to each other. (We talked about that on the podcast this week here!) I wouldn’t want to have little kids at home with me at this time, but I’m really grateful I have my teenager here. Sometimes we get on each other’s nerves but I prefer that to being alone. The little kid years were tough though and I feel for those of you with small kids at home.

Here’s the interview. The beginning is worth watching as it made me laugh.

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Also, I’ve started making soap dispensers.

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Also, I’ve started making soap dispensers.

At least he doesn’t live like this anymore?

My wife was going through old photos and found these, which are pics of my apartment from 2005 that were taken for production design inspiration for our house in “Knocked Up”.

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