Shaun Ryder Struggled to Get Out of Bed During Months of Covid-19 Battle

The Happy Mondays lead vocalist opens up on his struggle with Covid-19, saying that the ailment left him bedridden as his battle lasted for ‘a good few months.’

AceShowbizShaun Ryder struggled “for months” after battling coronavirus.

The Happy Mondays frontman, who is feeling much better now, admitted there was a long period where he found it hard get out of bed because he was so lethargic.

He said, “After I had COVID-19 I could have a couple of days a week where I couldn’t get out of bed and had no energy.”

“That went on for months but they are becoming more rare now. But for a good few months I struggled.”

The rocker thinks the pandemic could have had much worse effects, so he’s fine about lockdown ending now, as he doesn’t think there’s anything else that can make a significant difference now so many have been vaccinated.

Asked his thoughts on lockdown ending, he told Big Issue magazine, “What else can we do? We’re all getting vaccines. I do know people who have been vaccinated and still got COVID but it’s not been as bad as it would have been. We’ve got to see how it goes.”

“I mean, look, places like Brazil and Korea have done f**k all about it and they haven’t been wiped out.”

“I mean it’s not good but it hasn’t wiped everyone out yet.”

The Covid battle is the latest health issue for Shaun Ryder who has been taking a multitude of pills for other ailments.

“I’m probably on more drugs today than in the Happy Mondays heyday. I’m on thyroxine, which is for my under-active thyroid. I’m on blood pressure pills. I’m on testosterone replacement.”

“The thyroid affects everything – allergies and all sorts. I mean, if I don’t take these pills for the allergies, I can’t breathe. It’d be like an anaphylactic shock. Me throat goes tight and everything. I’m riddled with arthritis, too [sic].”

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