Stacey Solomon says something happened to her brain after giving birth to baby Rose

Stacey Solomon has admitted that she has been struggling to remember things since giving birth to her daughter.

The Loose Women star welcomed baby daughter, Rose Opal, on her 32nd birthday on 4 October, letting her 4.7million followers in on her precious time spent at home with the little one ever since.

And in a post shared to her Instagram Story, Stacey explained that she thinks that something has "happened to her brain" since becoming a mother of four.

"I don't know what's happened to my brain. I don't know what I'm saying half the time," Stacey wrote in the caption of a sweet clip as she nursed the newborn.

Former X Factor star Stacey added in the caption: "And the says seem to fly by even though I'm doing absolutely nothing but staring at the kids.

"Time really does fly. Rose looked up like she was about to say 'G-day what are you talking about mum' at the end there."

Stacey also sweetly explained that her son Rex, who she also shares with Joe Swash, has been "so soppy" around his little sister.

"Rex has been so soppy today," Stacey said. "I don't know if he knows that the weekend is coming to an end, and he's back to school tomorrow.

"He obviously doesn't know that as he's too young or maybe subconsciously he knows because he gets really soppy on a Sunday, and he's just been cuddling, kissing her and singing her songs."

Since giving birth, Stacey has been soaking up each second with little Rose.

In a recent update on her social media, the star admitted she has been enjoying 'baby moon' perhaps "a little too much".

"Hello everyone. Today we had a bath and, shock horror, then we've laid in bed all day watching films with the big boys," she captioned a post.

"Laziest, best Saturday ever… I'm really milking this baby moon. Going to get out of bed and get in the garden with the boys. How are you today? Hope you're having a lovely Saturday."

As well as posting her happy state at home with her daughter, Stacey has also been open to her followers about the reality of her recovery process after childbirth.

On Friday, she also gave a frank insight into what it's been like, uploading a video of herself wearing an "adult nappy", which is a disposable incontinence product given to new mothers.

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