Steph’s Packed Lunch segment on ‘cardening’ sparks confusion amongst viewers

Steph McGovern jokes she's 'glad' she's not longer at the BBC

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Steph’s Packed Lunch viewers flocked to social media today to take issue with the latest gardening trend, “cardening”, after the TV personality hosted a segment on her lunchtime show. The trend sees keen gardeners plant flowers and plants in their car to create a calming environment, but fans of the Channel 4 were not impressed by the impractical suggestion and took to Twitter to question whether or not it was a “joke”.

Cardening? What a b****y daft idea!

Twitter user

Viewers of Channel 4 show Steph’s Packed Lunch were left confused and convinced of a “wind up” after the show aired a live segment on the latest gardening trend.

The former BBC host chatted with a “cardening” expert as they shared their top tips for turning your motor into a greenhouse on the go.

With flowers filling the boot, a lawn in the foot wells and succulents in the drinks holder, fans of the popular were left flummoxed as to whether the segment was a joke or not.

The show’s Twitter page posted a picture of the host next to the car, captioning the picture: “When your uber driver moonlights as a garden centre #stephspackedlunch.”

Commenting on the snap, viewers express their disbelief at the gardening trend.

One replied: “I just don’t get how this is ‘a thing’…. To be fair, the look on Steph’s face during this section agrees with me.”

Another added: “Really! It’s not April 1st is it?” along with a confused face emoji.

Fans of the lunch show also tweeted their thoughts on the impractical gardening trend, which is thought to help dispel road rage.

One social media user wrote: “Cardening? What a b****y daft idea!

“Watery plants in your car dripping on your seats? No thanks.#stephspackedlunch.”

A second echoed their thoughts, commenting: “Cardening? That’s just downright b****y silly #stephspackedlunch.”

Another penned: “@PackedLunchC4_ cardening… must be a wind up.”

While a third added: “I’m sorry to say @StephLunch but that must have been the worse article I’ve seen in tv for a long time #cardening.”

More viewers of the show tweeted their confusion at the segment, clearly not in favour of the gardening trend.

“#stephspackedlunch what the actual…. #Cardening,” one added.

As another posted: “Cardening, eh? Not sure what they’re smoking on #stephspackedlunch but some of it is growing on the back seat. @PackedLunchC4.”

However, other fans revealed that they enjoyed watching today’s show.

One fan wrote: “Absolutely love #stephspackedlunch. It’s always guaranteed to make you laugh. Brilliant, easy viewing.”

Another penned: “#stephspackedlunch Loving the show today. Good line up.”

Steph’s Packed Lunch airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 12.30pm.

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