This ‘Harry Potter’ Star Says It’s Painful To Re-Watch The Films Sometimes

Matthew Lewis is speaking out about the Harry Potter films!

In a new interview, the 31-year-old actor shared why it’s hard for him to re-watch the super popular film series, that spanned much of his youth.

“I find it quite difficult when too much of me starts to come through in a character,” he told the New York Times. “It’s easier when I can play someone completely different, like a police officer in London or someone who’s wealthy.”

“At times it’s painful how much of me there is in Neville,” Matthew said of the Harry Potter films. “When I’m watching, I’m like, ‘That’s not Neville; that’s you.’”

He did add, though, that there are worse things to be remembered by than Harry Potter.

“If there’s something people remember you by, there are worse things than the Harry Potter franchise,” he shared. “It opened so many doors for me when I otherwise wouldn’t even have gotten in the room.”

Matthew has had quite the transformation since the first film came out in 2001, and he even showed off his ripped body back in 2015.

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