5 Best Polaroid Cameras 2020 | The Sun UK

IT'S SAFE TO say that Polaroid cameras are having a major comeback – and they're not just popular with the kids.

The best Polaroid cameras combine the nostalgia of the old-school designs, with amazing picture quality and fun tech innovations to make them feel perfectly well-suited to 2020.

They also deliver pictures instantly, making them an ideal gadget for those looking to perfect their skills or take up a new hobby, as well as fun toys to occupy the kids (7+, if you want them to be able to take decent pics on their own).

While Polaroid cameras aren't the only instant cameras available, they're certainly synonymous with instant photos and the brand has several fantastic, well-priced designs, depending on what you're looking for.

Most exciting is probably the Polaroid Now, the latest design which debuted in March 2020 and comes in a range of bold shades, with a retro 70s look.

The point-and-shoot design is also easy to use with autofocus – a new lens system feature – for great photos, and double exposure so you can include yourself in the shot.

For those who like the marriage of old and new, the Polaroid Snap Touch is a 2-in-1 camera and printer, which will even print out your smartphone photos thanks to Bluetooth connectivity.

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