8 Best Air Conditioners 2020 | The Sun UK

There's nothing worse than a stuffy home when the heat starts turning up outside, so why not invest in air conditioning to see you through the summer? There are plenty of top air conditioners on the market, from smaller budget buys to bigger luxe designs.


It will come as no surprise that air conditioners tend to be larger and more expensive than fans, but that's because they are particularly effective at lowering the temperature of the entire room, as well as some can lower the humidity in the air.

As well as power, it is best to think about noise with air conditioners and it is best to check the size of the room compared to the model.

Abandon any notion of bulky air conditioners with complicated installation processes: these days, the most common air conditioners you'll find from leading brands like AEG and De'Longhi are powerful – yet portable.

Air conditioners are costly: top-of-the-range models will typically set you back over £500.

If you're looking for a cheaper option, check out portable evaporative air coolers, which use water and ice cubes to work as a humidifier or mini air con.

Since air conditioners can be expensive, heavy (even the portable ones aren't that easy to lift) and energy-inefficient, you may want to invest in one of our top tower fans.

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