Advanced Excel skills can help you stand out in the workplace

Microsoft Excel is the data-crunching backbone of practically every company. It solves quantitive problems fast, organizes hundreds of thousands of data points, and can turn complex spreadsheets into engaging, easy-to-read visuals. And the better you are at Excel, the faster you can complete tasks at work. Plus, chances are the more efficiently you can solve intricate business problems, the more likely you are to get noticed by higher-ups.

Because Excel has plenty of formulas outside your basic arithmetic and visualization tools that put pie charts to shame, it is worth taking an online course to cover your bases. These resources are a more interactive alternative to dense textbooks and give you real-life business scenarios to roll up your sleeves to.

While there’s plenty of Excel resources out there, there are few that are as affordable and as extensive as the eLearnExcel 2020 Excel Certification School Bundle (now on sale for $48.99). This collection of over 300 lessons (which clocks in at 60 hours of training) is led by the instructors at IACT, a specialist computer training service that has clients such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Intel, and Dell in its roster. The course bundle covers basic fundamentals of Excel, including time-saving shortcuts and how to analyze data, and walks you through more complex topics such as Pivot Tables, macros, and VBA.

And, if you want something shiny to add to your resume when it’s all said and done you’ll get a certificate of completion.

While this jam-packed bundle is usually priced at $999, for a limited time shoppers can enroll in all eight courses for a budget-friendly $48.99.

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