Age gap couples reveal their stories

We’re proof age IS just a number! Couples with up to 30 years between them share their unconventional love stories – including a student who fell for her high school teacher

  • Age gap couples from around the world have shared their stories online
  • Couples from all walks of life shared to global Instagram account @agegaplife
  • Some share a decade gap, others have as much as thirty years between them 
  • In one instance, a student reunited with high school teacher after graduating 

Age gap couples from around the world have shared their stories online to break the negative stereotypes around their age difference.

Shared to global Instagram account @agegaplife, couples from all walks of life revealed the romantic tales behind their first meeting.

While some share a decade gap, others have as much as thirty years between them – and are fiercely proud of it.

In one instance, a student reunited with her high school teacher after graduating, and in another, a customer passed her number to a worker 20 years her senior – and says they are now happier than ever. 

British Alice has been with her partner Tim, who is 33 years older than her, for over three years. She says: ‘He is older than my parents and three of his children are older than me but we get on like a normal family!’

Camille, 48, met her partner, 25,  when she passed him a note with her number and he called. She said: ‘We had some challenges in the beginning but 5 months in and it’s the healthiest relationship either of us had!’

Laura Marie, 23, and David Oliver, 52, from Somerset, share a thirty year age gap. She says: ‘We have been together for almost 2 years now and are very much in love. Our story started when I listened to David’s punk band on CD, I then went onto Facebook to see if I could find him and would luck have it, I did. We added each other and spoke for what felt like forever. We met up and fell for each, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I have been his ever since, he’s my best friend and above all my soul mate’

A Brazilian student, 20, met her boyfriend, 38, during classes in university where she was studying visual arts and he was studying music – calling it ‘love at first sight’. She said: ‘We had a lot of trouble being accepted… especially for my family. But we believe in soulmates and fight for our love. We’re engaged now. We have this page,together to share our kind of love,to show that worths fighting for!

Holly Marie revealed her partner is 28 years older and they’ve been together for over two years, She says: ‘He’s the first person to make me feel alive in a relationship. The way he shows love and affection is like no other’

American user Susy, 46, has been with her partner, 26, for two years and they married this year. She said: ‘Had a lot of outside negativity to overcome, but we are so happy together! Never know a relationship could be like this (and have been in a long one before). I feel ten years younger and he feels ten years older, and we really do not notice the age difference. Sometimes I can hardly believe that he is that much younger. We cherish every moment we have together…’

American Emma Colleen Walker, 21, says she met her partner Michael, 41, in high school. She says: ‘My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years now, and every moment has been absolute bliss with him. We are 21 years apart – I’m 20, he’s 41. Also, he was a former high school teacher of mine. A few months after I graduated from HS, we reconnected and instantly became close friends. The rest is history. He’s my best friend and certainly my better half. If you truly love someone, as cliché as it sounds, age really is just a number’

Julie is 15 years older than her husband, and wrote: ‘I am 47, my husband is 28.. We have been together 3 years and got married in Jan this year He is amazing and my rock’

American Ryan, 27, met Lori, 46, and knew she was the one. He says: ‘She is 46 and I am 27 and were we’re totally in love • Lori and I are having fun together at Korn concert’

Nathaniel has been married to his partner for five years. He says: ‘We are together for more than 8 years and married for more than five years. On the age gap, we are 27 years apart. We managed to make it work, because to us, age is just a number. Love has no limits’

Alexa Nicole, 25, has been with her partner Mark, 55, for over a year and says: ‘About 2 years ago I met a man that would change my life for the better. Mark and I have been together for a year and half and I fall more in love everyday. Our age difference was never something we noticed. Our souls are so beautifully intertwined, it’s as if we’ve known each other a lifetime. We teach each other new things all the time. Constant growth and forward progress makes me excited for each new day I wake up next to him.’

American Lia, 28, and Ron, 51, are due to be married in the summer and said: ‘There’s 23 years between us but he couldn’t be more perfect for me!’


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