BAFTA Mobilizes Network To Support UK’s Cash-Strapped COVID-19 Relief Fund

BAFTA has said it will use its fundraising network to support the UK’s COVID-19 Film & TV Emergency Relief Fund, which ran dry last week after receiving $6.2M (£5M) in applications.

The org wrote to its members today saying it would be redirecting in-house resources to reach out to its networks to encourage donations to the fund, and would also be opening up its own hardship fund to further bolster the pot.

BAFTA has also implemented a three-month payment holiday for members. Many freelancers in the industry are out of work, with film and TV production shutdown across the board during the lockdown, and there have been concerns that some non-permanent employees will not benefit from the UK government’s emergency support measures. The awards body said it will not take membership fees until September.

“After the initial three-month period, we will consider how we can continue to help those of you most affected by the crisis, and we’ll send you all another update on that in July,” the org wrote.

Also in today’s note, the org also said it would be continuing with the review of its voting procedures despite the ongoing pandemic threatening to disrupt the awards season. This year’s BAFTA Awards prompted a backlash after a lack of diverse nominations in major categories. As we revealed back in January, the org has committed itself to addressing the issue.

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