Barbie launches new green range of dolls made from plastic that was heading for the ocean

BARBIE is going green — with a new range of the dolls made from plastic that was heading for the ocean.

Maker Mattel plans to use recycled materials for all its products from 2030.

The Barbie Loves the Ocean collection, which has a summer theme, comes with three dolls, a beach shack play set and a starter assortment play set.

The £12.99 dolls, which go on sale at Tesco in September, are 90 per cent made from plastic items, such as bottles, collected near oceans.

But hair and shoes still need to be made from virgin plastic to retain the tight look.

The beach shack playset is also made from 90 per cent recycled plastic.

Mattel said it was doing its part “to ensure kids can inherit a world that’s full of potential”.

Other toy companies are also cutting back on the amount of plastic they use.

Lego plans to ditch single-use plastic for recyclable paper for its packaging.

But it still has a major plastic problem — since it has yet to find an alternative for its blocks.

They require 90,000 metric tons a year.

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