Celebrities Keep Taking Walks With Coffee Mugs

I know I’m not the only person traumatized by Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes’s quarantine walks. First, there was that video of them walking in slow motion. The zombie apocalypse isn’t here yet but not for the couple’s lack of trying. Cabello tried to bring Coachella back to life with a Forever 21 fringe crop top and patterned flare pants. Meanwhile, Mendes just looked dead inside. The walks that followed were somehow more off-putting. Even though they resumed strolling at a reassuringly regular pace, the pair insisted on taking their coffee mugs out for a stroll around the block, too — with no coffee in them. 

Celebrities have been doing this a lot, actually. They’ve been taking their coffee mugs out for walks almost as frequently as they do their dogs. Some of them are actually doing both simultaneously. And while most mugs do appear to have coffee in them, it’s still impossible to not ask: Why? 

Taking a walk outside with a coffee mug is like the wholesome and legal version of Rihanna walking out of restaurants with her wine glass still in hand. Two years ago, her actions were absurd. The masses were shook. Rihanna turned everywhere she went into New Orleans. What we all viewed as stealing was just how Rihanna collected souvenirs. 

But now the year is 2020 and everything is absurd. The masses are still shook. Rihanna needs to release her album (wait, what?).  And yet, I think most of us wouldn’t be surprised if we all started taking socially distanced walks with wine glasses. More wine right now couldn’t hurt. If Cabello and Mendes did that, no one would be batting an eye. But coffee mugs? Feels weird. 

Katie Holmes Mug
JLO Anthropologie Mug

Still, like everyone on a socially distanced walk, the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Taking a walk outside during a pandemic is definitely nerve-wracking and perhaps carrying a hot latte brings comfort. And it’s not like we can go to coffee shops anymore. Or maybe it’s just that everything already feels so bizarre, why not continue to shake up these walks outdoors with household items? Remember when Selena Gomez stepped out carrying a toaster? Perhaps that’s next for all of us. 

As evidenced by the Imagine video debacle, celebrity culture is having a hard time right now. The spotlight has shifted. Their walks have become their stages even though nobody asked. This would explain the performance of carrying something like a coffee mug on a stroll. It would also explain why so many of their coffee mugs are about them, monogrammed with their initials. Almost all of them seem to own the $10 initial mug from Anthropologie or some iteration of it. Even Jennifer Lopez gave her bedazzled Starbucks cup a break and sipped out of her monogrammed J Anthropologie cup on IGTV with Ellen Degeneres the other week.

Now if only Rihanna was spotted carrying her coffee mug outside. No one would even be mad if it was empty! Although, I’d much prefer she revived the wine-glass-walk movement instead. Truth be told, that’s what we all really need right now. But until then, I’ll try taking my coffee mug out for a spin.

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