Creepy moment man casually twists head 180 degrees like scene out of Exorcist

A man has been filmed performing a jaw-dropping stunt to leave viewers screaming in fear.

Amer Dahbour was filmed twisting his head like an owl at an angle of nearly 180 degrees when he was out drinking with friends.

The viral clip, which was seen more than 3.4 million times, shows Amer putting one hand behind his head and the other one on his jaw.

With no warning given, he yanks his head around to his back before it reaches almost 180 degrees.

A man can be heard gasping and said: "Oh s***, I need a drink. I need a drink!"

Amer holds his head up for a few seconds before turning back and carrying on talking with his friends.

The video was later shard by TikTok user @sheaabutt00, who joked it's a "party trick" and dared viewers to make a duet video if they could do the same.

One spooked viewer wrote: "What in the Exorcist is going on?"

Another commented: "I do not claim any negative energy from this video."

"I've watched way too many scary movies," a third said. "It's the prequel of the Exorcist."

It comes after a 13-year-old girl being hospitalised for trying to imitate a stunt she saw on TikTok.

Destini Crane nearly died as a result of trying to recreate a popular video in which someone uses flammable liquid on a mirror to draw a shape and then ignites it.

And an OnlyFans model had a mid-striptease heart attack after trying TikTok "dry scooping" trend.

Adult star Briatney Portillo ingested protein powder before a gym workout which supposedly boosts the "energising" effects.

But hours later when she was about to perform on stage at her exotic dancing job, she started sweating uncontrollably in the locker room and ended up rushing to hospital in her bikini.

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