DaBaby Unveils How Much He Actually Gets From Dua Lipa Levitating Collab After His Artists Claims

The ‘ROCKSTAR’ rapper also reveals that he charges $200,000 for club appearances despite many people turning their back on him for his highly publicized wild antics.

AceShowbizDaBaby is setting the record straight. In a new interview, the “ROCKSTAR” hitmaker unveiled how much he actually gets from Dua Lipa for his feature on the hit 2020 track “Levitating”.

In the Friday, July 22 episode of Full Send Podcast, the 30-year-old hip-hop star, whose real name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, revealed that his appearance on Dua’s hit song was the biggest payday he got for a feature. “I got a bag. I think it was three-even [$300K],” he first said. He then added, “I think it was 300 to be fair, I don’t wanna throw no extra grease in the pan. It was at least three, though. It might have been $350K.”

Elsewhere in the interview, DaBaby also divulged how much he charges for a performance. “Oh man it varies, you know, sometimes I get 200K,” shared the “BOP” spitter, adding that he’s not just turning up to the club and he actually performs “a few” songs as well. He continued, “I always overplay it though. … If they’re giving you that type of bag that means it’s love. It means you’ve got that type of draw in that club.”

DaBaby then said that he used to make $15K from club appearances, which is less than he was pulling from more traditional concerts at the time. While the $200K figure is undoubtedly big, he added that he thinks he’s gotten paid more for one appearance.

The statement came just days after DaBaby’s artist Stunna 4 Vegas revealed that the Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment founder earned a huge amount of money for his guest feature on Dua’s hit anthem. “I don’t want to put his business out there but I think he got paid like $350,000 for that verse,” Stunna, whose real name is Khalick Antonio Caldwell, told VladTV on July 17. “And got took off? She damn near canceled herself.”

Later in the candid conversation, Stunna defended DaBaby’s antics, claiming he “knows for a fact” that the Charlotte native isn’t homophobic at all despite his previous controversial remarks. “Baby is a real stand-up guy and he has no problems with homosexual people,” the aspiring rapper insisted. “I know for a fact that he didn’t mean nothing crazy by that. This industry is really lame and weird because I’ve heard Baby say that s**t 50 times.”

Shortly after DaBaby made the rant during last year’s Rolling Loud Miami festival, Dua distanced herself from him as she was “horrified and surprised” at his comments. Fans also urged the “Don’t Start Now” songstress to remove him from her “Levitating” remix.

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