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This Sunday, the planets are sending mixed messages. When such a clash takes place, it can leave you feeling stuck in the middle, but if you can harness the best aspects of the Sun and Moon zodiac signs you can tap into some serious power.

Today, we will see a first quarter Moon as the Moon reaches the halfway point between the New and Full Moon.

The Moon is still in Aries but today forms a square with the Sun in Capricorn, creating a clash of emotions.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reeling from this collision.

Conflicting energies can go one of two ways; either it will create a burst of energy and motivation, or it can leave you feeling paralysed by indecision.

This is because the clash of Capricorn and Aries represents the tension between pragmatic Capricorn and driven Aries.

Where Aries is ambitious and headstrong, Capricorn is a meticulous planner.

If you can wrangle the best of both these signs, you’ll be an unstoppable force, coupling the headstrong determination to succeed with the attention to detail to plot every step up the ladder of success.

However, others will find themselves tangled up in all the possibilities ahead.

Feeling buoyed up by the energy of the cosmic alignment you’ll be seeking your next pursuit, but Capricorn’s need for detailed plans can give way to overthinking, which will open the door to feelings of self-doubt.

Aries also has a weakness for impatience, due to its enterprising nature.

Do your best to brush away those feelings and tap into Aries’ well of unflinching confidence.

The next step forward isn’t always clear, so if you’re feeling stuck, today set yourself a smaller and more achievable goal to get your self-esteem back on track.

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Try cooking something new for Sunday lunch, exploring a new part of town, or reading a book you’ve been putting off.

The sense of achievement you’ll get from tackling a new challenge – however small it may seem – will boost your confidence for the week ahead.

In the meantime, Mercury is forming a sextile to Chiron which creates an opportunity for healthy dialogue.

This makes today a good day to solve any disagreements you’re having.

You will be more tactful in putting your point across and have more empathy for others’ positions.

Even if you aren’t settling scores today, your communication skills mean you can enjoy deeper connections and conversations today.

Your loved ones are looming large on your radar, so enjoying a chat with family, your partner or a friend will energise you.

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