Daily horoscope for June 23: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Tuesday’s horoscope sees Neptune turns Retrograde in a celestial event which has led many to ask where their heads are at. You are probably still reeling from the super-emotional solar eclipse New Moon in moody Cancer.

Emotion springs up from the deepest well with Neptune strong.

Hold onto something before you drown because this week’s rollercoaster is not done yet.

Venus stations direct in a couple of days too, ramping up the romance to dangerous levels.

But not till Thursday – for now, enjoy the incredibly romantic, nostalgic and spiritual vibe provided by Neptune.


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The Moon moves from Cancer to Leo halfway through the day and you will feel far more up for it come this evening.

The planet Neptune in Pisces is stationary in the skies and that is always an occasion of intense feeling, nostalgia, dreams and yearning.

Prayer could be an option at this time to help you find your balance if that is your thing.

If not, engage your heart in any way you can: through artistic endeavours, or communion with nature, spend time with your sweetheart.

Romance is at its height and you need some where to pour out all that longing that you feel.

The Moon remains in emotional state sign Cancer on Tuesday.

Earth’s celestial orb enters Leo next, offering a welcome return to sunshine to dry away these tears.

Regardless of whether these are tears of joy or sorrow, you can be sure you are deeply moved.

Find out more about the astrological star sign of Cancer and the imagination.

As the Moon connects with Mars, then Saturn and finally Venus, you are moved to action only to find yourself stopped in your tracks.

There is an obstacle in the way. or perhaps it is only a signal to slow down and be more methodical in your actions.

The planet Venus takes over soon and you are sure to find the love and friendship that you need tonight.

This will help you navigate Neptune’s treacherous waters.

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