Danny Dyer blanked wife as she served dinner naked because he was losing at FIFA

Danny Dyer was so distracted by his game of FIFA he accidentally blanked his wife Jo who served up his dinner completely nude.

It led to an argument, but Danny says: “It was an important cup match.”

Jo had attempted to surprise him by waking in with a roast dinner "stark b****** naked."

He says lovingly: “She had her bangers out and everything.”

But the EastEnders star, 43, was losing 1-0, and "didn't even notice," writes The Mirror.

He says: “I didn’t clock it. She couldn’t believe it. The mood of the house went really sour.”

Danny was “gutted” when Jo, 44, came back in wearing a robe, and swore at him.

He says: “I think it was a test. I don’t think it was a sexual thing.

“I don’t think she was like, ‘Eat my roast and take me now’.”

However, she declined his offer to join her in the nude afterwards.

Speaking on his Sorted podcast, the actor also revealed his name is spelled "Danial", after his dad Anthony misspelt it while registering his birth "off his nut".

Danny says: “It could have been that he was battered, it could have been that he doesn’t spell – or it could have been a bit of both.”

The spelling of "Danial" is still on his passport, but he adopted 'Danny' early in his career, believing it had a "better ring to it".

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