Elvis Presley death: ‘Lisa Marie and I talked in treehouse for hours’ shares King’s cousin

The day Elvis Presley died was a great shock to the world, but no more so than for his family at Graceland. In a touching and heartbreaking video, The King’s second cousin Joey Smith – the son of Elvis’ cousin Billy – shared for the first time his memories of that dark day. Appearing on his brother Danny’s Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel, Joey opened up about The King’s final day and how he ended up spending time talking with Lisa Marie.

Joey, whose family lived right by the main Graceland mansion, said: “I’ve never actually talked about this.

“It’s very emotional for me.”

On how he found out that Elvis had died, Joey said: “I was watching a video; I was at home.

“Momma had been out shopping, Daddy was at the house.”


Joey said he was watching 1965’s The Naked Prey, an adventure movie about a hunter who became the hunted.

The phone went and his father Billy was asked for.

Joey, who thought something was wrong with his grandmother, said: “I could just tell…something wasn’t right, even as a kid.

“[My father] just had a blank look on his face and said, ‘Tell your momma I’ll be back’.”

Billy ran out and when he returned, Joey remembered: “I’ll never forget the look on my daddy’s face when walking in the door.”

His father, Elvis’ first cousin, said: “Joe, he’s gone.”

Joey said: “After that, it seemed like the world stopped.”

“There’s no doubt, that changed the course of my life.”

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He added: “We knew him as that big hero cousin.”

But then he shared how Lisa Marie herself, Elvis’ only child, came by their home at the back of Graceland that evening.

Just nine-years-old, she ended up hanging out with Joey up at his treehouse there.

Joey said: “Lisa spent some time with us.”

Elvis’ second cousin added: “And me and Lisa actually went up to the treehouse and we hung out for a while.

“We talked for what seemed like hours that day.”

Some incredibly difficult memories to share, but Joey was adamant in his great praise of Elvis.

After all, The Smith family often end their videos saying: “We always live Elvis.”

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