Father leaves Twitter users in stitches after pranking daughter

Father pranks his daughter with a fake Downing Street letter declaring she will have to attend school EVERY day of the week after the coronavirus crisis

  • Twitter user @sentientbomb, from Cardiff, revealed hilarious prank on Twitter
  • Revealed daughter had been ‘banging on’ about ‘prank week’ over last few days
  • Tricked her by writing fake letter declaring school would return 7 days a week
  • Signed the prank note with Boris Johnson’s name to convince them 
  • While his children were left aghast, social media users in stitches over the joke
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

A British father has pranked his daughter with a fake letter from Downing Street declaring school would return seven days a week after the coronavirus crisis. 

Twitter user @Sentientbomb, from Cardiff, revealed the hilarious prank online after saying his daughter had been ‘banging on’ about ‘prank week’ for days.

He tricked her by revealing the faux letter from Boris Johnson, leaving his children distraught at the thought of going to school over the weekends.

Meanwhile other social media users were left in hysterics over the joke, with one commenting: ‘Oh my, this is pure gold. Highest quality, Grade A, 24-carat GOLD.’

A Welsh father, from Cardiff, delighted social media users after pranking his children with a fake note from 10 Downing Street declaring school would return seven days a week after the coronavirus pandemic

Sharing the hilarious note in a now-viral tweet, he revealed: ‘My youngest has been banging on about “prank week” and has been royally pranking us all day. 

‘Little does she know, her father is the prank master. Both of them panicking now, the bonus is that their sadness has brought a hush into the house.’

The note, which had been crafted with meticulous detail including the Downing Street address and Boris Johnson’s signature read: ‘Unfortunately, with your child staying at home this means your child may have missed over 50+ days of school by the time we return to normality.’

It continued: ‘For this reason, when the schools reopen, we will quickly make up for lost time by not only teaching your children from Monday to Friday, but also making it compulsory for your child to attend school on Saturday and Sundays for the first 6 months. 

The father revealed the note he had shown his children, declaring it is ‘compulsory for children to attend school on Saturdays and Sundays’

‘This may be extended subject to when the schools return.’

He added: ‘My eldest (11) has her friends on a speakerphone group chat, she’s sent it to them, words like “it’s mandatory” are being shrieked out. This is the best day ever.’

He continued: ‘My other half and I are discussing how to kill time when they go back to school on the weekends. 

‘Openly debating about going to funfairs and the beach before picking them up from school.’

Later, he shared a snap of his children as they desperately searched through the internet and contacted friends to see if the news could possibly be true.

He later shared snaps of his children as they desperately searched the internet to determine whether the prank was true 

Meanwhile he revealed that his eldest daughter, 11, had called a group of friends who were left shrieking hysterically by the letter

His now viral tweet has been liked over 70k times by delighted parents on social media who have said they want to try out the prank for themselves

He commented: ‘They’re frantically researching it now. I’ve told them that the government is drip feeding the letters out so there’s no loss of morale with kids.’ 

Social media users were left in stitches over the prank, with one commenting: ‘Just got my daughter and she is currently going mad at her mother, this is fantastic.’

Another called it ‘priceless’ while one said it was ‘the best thing’ they’d read all day. 

A third added: ‘Excellent prank. I bet there was much joviality at the punch line.’ 

Social media users were left in hysterics over the prank, with many saying they were keen to try it on their own children

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