Guy claims that you can cook perfect medium rare steak in the dishwasher

Most people like their steak a certain way.

However, we're sure most people have never thought to cook it in their dishwasher.

But one food fan from the US claims he did just that – and claims his medium rare steak came out perfect.

CBS News correspondent Michael George made the claim on Twitter, leaving his 4,445 followers baffled.

He shared a video of himself using this dishwasher in his kitchen to cook his meal.

The clip saw him first season the meat with salt before placing it in a sealed bag.

He then placed it on a dishwasher cycle before opening it to reveal the cooked meat.

The steak was then seen sizzling in a pan with some butter and herbs before he tucked into it.

People were certainly left baffled by the method, as some people had some questions.

One asked: "If you cooked it in the dishwasher, what was it doing in the frying pan? Drying off?"

As Michael replied: "With most ways of cooking steak, you put it in the pan for 2 min just to brown the outside. But all the internal cooking was done in the dishwasher!"

While another simply wrote: "WHY????"

As Michael responded: "For science."

A third chimed in: "Interesting. Kinda like steam-cooking it in a microwave… then finishing it in a fry pan. With a microwave… you'd use less energy and no water."

The tip came after a foodie was brutally trolled over his steak last month.

The budding chef boasted about home-cooked steak online – however people claimed it was raw.

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