How to grow water lilies in your pond

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Water lilies are instantly recognisable in most ponds and can add a very elegant touch to your garden water feature. As they float upon water rather than grow directly out of soil, gardening advice for these aquatic plants is a little different from your run of the mill blooms.

How to plant water lilies in your pond

Water lilies are an elegant addition to any garden pond.

These aquatic plants are rooted in soil in bodies of water, with leaves and flowers floating on top or emerging from the surface of the water.

But growing water lilies is not always easy so you should bear in mind the following tips and tricks to allow your plant to flourish.

To grow water lilies you will need the following:

  • Water lily rhizomes
  • Aquatic planting basket
  • Hessian
  • Aquatic compost
  • Stones
  • Bricks.

The first step to planting water lilies is to use a mesh aquatic basket lined with hessian to stop your compost escaping and partially fill this basket with aquatic soil.

Tease out the fleshy roots of your water lily plants.

Then place the plant in the centre of your basket and firm up the soil.

Use mulch with large stones to keep the compost from floating away and then soak your basket in water.

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Place your basket in your pond on a platform of bricks.

Try to ensure the basket is higher up to begin with and then gradually lower the height over the next few weeks.

Eventually, you should be able to lower the container to the bottom of your pond.

Tropical water lilies can be planted at their permanent depth immediately because they grow so quickly.

Water lilies are heavy feeders and so you should make sure to use a proprietary aquatic slow-release fertiliser in your compost or soil during the growing season.

The flowers on your plant should last three or four days.

You should always cut them off below the water, alongside any old leaves before they sink or rot.

Be careful with the submerging process because going too deep too quickly can lead to rot.

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