How to stock your fridge to make your food last longer – you’re definitely putting leftovers in the wrong spot

DID you know that there is actually a science behind the way you pack your fridge? Well, this might actually be affecting how long your groceries last if you're putting items in the wrong shelves.

TikTok user Laura de Barra, who is also the author of Gaff Goddes: Simple Tips and Tricks to Help You Run Your Home, revealed on social media the perfect way to stock your fridge and we bet you've been putting your leftovers on the wrong shelf.

In her video, Laura explained that the drawers at the bottom of your fridge are the most humid part of your fridge, which makes it perfect for fruits and vegetables.

Because the bottom shelf is the coolest part of the fridge, this means that it is the perfect spot for raw meat and fish as it will stay fresh longer.

Keeping in mind that the bottom shelf is the coolest and warm air tends to raise, it makes sense that the higher shelves tend to be warmer.

The middle shelves are perfect for dairy products such as milk, cheeses, and yogurt as well as cooked and deli meats.

The top shelf should then be reserved for ready-to-eat meals, such as pre-packaged salads, and any leftovers.

Additionally, the coolest part of each shelf is towards the back, so anything you want to keep extra cool within its section can go there.

And what about the door? Well, the door is also the warmest spot of the fridge as it's the one place that's always hit with room temperature air when you open the fridge.

The door is the ideal place for your water filter or bottles, any herbs you have in mason jars, condiments and pickled items, and any coffee products.

If you're also someone who loves to put their beauty products, such as masks and face rollers in the fridge, the door is where they need to go.

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