Inside Federer’s £6.5m custom-made glass house with floor-to-ceiling windows to show off stunning views of Lake Zurich – The Sun

THERE'S no doubt Roger Federer will be enjoying lockdown if he's staying in this idyllic home.

The tennis legend, who boasts several properties, owns a stunning glass house that cost £6.5million with incredible views of Lake Zurich.

The three-storey compound also has two separate apartments for guests – two of which are 38-year-old Fed's parents, Robert and Lynette, who are believed to live with him and his wife, Mirka.

Take a sneak peak inside the eight-time Wimbledon winner's beautiful digs.


In 2014, Federer, worth over £450million, moved into the home in the tax-haven Wollerau in Schwyz canton.

A state-of-the-art building, it boasts floor to ceiling windows, large balconies that overlook the tranquil Lake Zurich, and features a glass dome over the living space.

Because it has one of the lowest tax municipalities in Europe, it has attracted the rich and famous.

Multi-millionaire F1 drivers  Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa have also made Wollerau their home over the years.

The home was built from scratch, and features all the amenities a top class sports star would want.


Aside from that incredible scenic view, there's plenty for Roger to do.

The property has a swimming pool, complete with spa, as well as a first class gym.

Both will ensure Fed stays on top of his game.

There's also a underground car park, where he can park his exquisite Mercedes Benz collection.

However, it's his parents that profit the most.


Family man Roger believed this to be the ideal home for his Slovakian-born wife Mirka, and their four children, Myla, Charlene, Lenny, and Leo.

But he was quick to make sure his mum and dad were also onboard.

That's why he built two separate apartments within the three-storeys, where they are believed to reside.

Roger has always spoken highly of how his parents raised him.

He once revealed they were never pushy, and showed an interest in everything he did – not just tennis.

That made him vow to parent the same way they did with his own children, so perhaps having them close at hand will help show him the way.

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