It's cyber Crufts! Kennel Club launches online dog show

It’s cyber Crufts! Kennel Club launches online dog show for pedigrees and crossbreeds – with categories ranging from ‘best trick’ to most convincing doggy doppelgänger

  • Competition includes classes for pedigree, crossbreed and different age groups
  • Virtual show has already attracted more than 11,000 entries from across the UK
  • Owners can share photos of their pets on the Kennel Club’s social media pages
  • Entries judged by Kennel Club with winners announced at end of the same day

If you’ve always thought your handsome hound had a shot at winning big at Crufts, now is your chance to find out.

The Kennel Club, the organisation behind the prestigious event, has launched an online dog show for pet owners stuck indoors during lockdown.

The competition includes classes for both pedigree and crossbreed mutts, as well as different age categories.

The virtual show began on Easter Monday and has already attracted more than 11,000 entries from dog lovers across the UK.

The Kennel Club, the organisation behind the prestigious event, has launched an online dog show for pet owners stuck indoors during lockdown. Pictured: Cutest puppy class winner Aruba the Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Entries for each class open in the morning, with owners urged to submit photos or a video of their precious pooch to the Kennel Club’s social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

The winning hound will then be selected by judges from the club, and the winners announced at the end of the day.

You still have time to enter the Prettiest Bitch competition, which is running today, with other categories remaining this week including Best Puppy Dog Eyes, Golden Oldie (for the over seven-year-olds), Best Rescue and Best Dog Doppelganger.

The competition continues until Sunday 3 May. Here FEMAIL brings you a selection of the winners and runners-up so far. 

Dior the Dalmatian won the Best Utility class on April 16 – and he’s clearly no stranger to having his picture taken

The winner of the Toy class category was the adorable and immaculately groomed Ziggy the Bichon Frise, from Northampton

Working class winner was Queenie the five-year-old St Bernard. This photo is of her visit to her ancestral home in Switzerland. Last Christmas she helped raise money for schools in Africa selling mince pies in her reindeer antlers

Pastoral class winner was retired Police dog Pharaoh who served in the West Midlands police dog unit. He’s now enjoying his retirement, living with his handler

Gundog class winner was Shadow the Labrador. Shadow is a Working Gundog, Blood Donor, and has an Organ and tissue donor card, plus he’s competed at Crufts twice

Hound class winner was Maximus the Otterhound. He loves to cuddle everyone, and enjoys naps and tasty treats

Handsome dog class winner was Bilbo the Cocker Spaniel, pictured in a rather dashing bow tie

Terrier class winner was Fudge the Cairn Terrier. Despite having a bad start in life, having been abandoned just before Christmas when he was five months old, he has a great temperament and is super willing to learn. He loves his agility and trick training

Coco the Weinamarer was entered into the Best Gundog category and was a favourite among the judges

Tiggi, a sixth-month-old Miniature Schnauzer, was entered into the Best Utility competition

Barney, the adorable Old English Sheepdog, was entered into the Pastoral category and narrowly missed out

Glamorous Afghan Hound Donna was entered by her owner into the Hound category but didn’t quite scoop the win

Louby the West Highlands Terrier was also a popular choice among the judges within the Terrier group

Hathi the Kooikerhondje entered best Utility – and though she didn’t win the trophy, at least she’s still got her toy

What a mucky pup! Jasper the Miniature Poodle was entered into the Best Utility category

This Airedale terrier, called Mr Darcy, didn’t win overall – but he certainly won the hearts of the judges 

Kelly the Greyhound was also a favourite among the judges thanks to her glossy coat and gentle nature

Albert, a 17 week-old Miniature Schnauzer puppy, is full of mischief and mayhem and his owner Donna credits him as being a much welcomed release from all the current craziness

Betty, a six month-old Hungarian Pumi, was up there in the Puppy category but just missed out

Ruari, an eight-week-old Irish Setter who loves a teddy bear (and clearly a snooze) was also among the runners up in the Puppy category

Scooby, a six-month-old Lurcher puppy, also proved a big hit with the Kennel Club judges

Frodo, an Italian Spinone and complete gentleman who loves to snuggle and protect his mum, was a runner-up in the Most Handsome Dog category

Blaze, a 12-year-old Eurasier, is apparently still as mischievous as he was when he was a puppy. He was entered into the Most Handsome Dog category

Upcoming Kennel Club online classes 

Wednesday 22nd April – Prettiest Bitch

Thursday 23rd April – Best Puppy Dog Eyes

Friday 24th April – Golden Oldie (7 years+)

Saturday 25th April – Best Rescue

Sunday 26th April – Best Dog Doppelgänger (you and your dog) 

Monday 27th April – Best Canine Colleague 

Tuesday 28th April – Best At Home Agility 

Wednesday 29th April – Best At Home Heelwork to Music (including Freestyle)

Thursday 30th April – Best At Home Obedience

Friday 1st May – Best At Home Handling (circle, triangle or straight up and down)

Saturday 2nd May – Best At Home Trick

Sunday 3rd May – Best At Home Dog and Owner Workout

More information about the show and how to enter is available on the Kennel Club’s social media channels and website, as well as other lockdown tips and activities, and coronavirus information and advice:

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