Jake Paul Initiates Challenge To Fight Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder‘s fight was one for the books. In 11 rounds of intense action, audiences were kept on their toes as Fury came out victorious with the knock-out win against Wilder with a massive blow to the head.

Many have argued that the fight was an instant classic, going as far as calling it a satisfying match. Immediately after the fight, Jake Paul, the YouTube star turned fighter, has jumped on the buzz to challenge Fury to a fight. Paul last made headlines in August when he fought Tyron Woodley and won via split decision in an eight-round match. The young fighter has proven to not back down from a fight and has consistently spoken out about challenging seasoned veterans of the sport. Recently, Mike Tyson also confirmed that he is willing to fight one of the Paul brothers, though neither has accepted just yet.

In a cheeky Tweet, Paul writes, “I think Tyson Fury might have finally earned that chance to fight me.” Seemingly stirring the pot, the Tweet garnered a lot of attention from boxing fans worldwide. Fans began their own online debates, trying to determine who would come out victorious in a Jake Paul v. Tyson Fury match. Fury has yet to respond to Paul’s challenge.

Check out Paul’s Tweet below.

In other boxing news, Ryan Garcia has agreed to fight Joseph Diaz Jr. in a lightweight bout.
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