Jourdan Dunn gives Vogue masterclass

Learn to model like Jourdan Dunn! Catwalk sensation shares her tips in an online masterclass – from brushing up on fashion history to mastering the ‘broken doll’ approach to posing

  • Model Jourdan Dunn, 31, has given tips on how to build your modelling career 
  • The supermodel took part in British Vogue’s exclusive Visionaries Masterclass
  •  Says to master go-to-poses, know your fashion references and overcome fear

British supermodel Jourdan Dunn has shared her tips on how to make it in the modelling industry in an online masterclass.  

The catwalk sensation from Brent, 31, has shared her advice with British Vogue as part of their Visionaries series in partnership with Youtube UK. 

Dunn, who was scouted in her local Primark when she was 15, has worked for countless designers, including YSL, Burberry, Balmain, Dior and Calvin Klein to name a few. 

Now Jourdan has dished out her best tips on how to make it in the modelling industry. 

Supermodel Jourdan Dunn, who was scouted in Brent when she was 15, gives her tips on how to build a successful modelling career in a masterclass with Vogue, in partnership with Youtube UK 

The model’s first big time was to master your go-to-poses and to be like a ‘broken doll. 

‘First thing I want to say is – just give more. Don’t care about how you look. The more awkward and broken that you look, the better. So just be like a broken doll… just feel, vogue it out, it’s like a dance, just give different poses each time,’ she said. 

She also stressed the importance of knowing who your fashion references are and educating yourself on fashion history. 

‘This could be looking at magazines, going on YouTube, there’s so much resource, there’s so much inspiration you can draw from,’ she said. 

Staying true to yourself and having ‘your own moral compass,’ was also another tip to help you stay strong at the start of your career, Jourdan sais.  

‘Money is great but if it doesn’t match up with your morals, you’re not going to be feeling good about it,’ she said.

Jourdan has strutted her stuff on the catwalk of countless designers, including Jean Paul Gautier in 2020 before the coronavirus pandemic in Paris, pictured

‘So I have to see if the brand aligns with my beliefs and what they stand for and what I stand for. So I think having that as a basis will really help you with the direction you want to go and it makes it easier to say no.’

However, she explained being scared was never a good reason to say ‘no.’  

‘Saying no out of fear is not helpful at all. And in my career I have turned down things, not because I didn’t feel like it was matching up to my beliefs or anything,’ she said. 

‘Just because I was scared…fear was holding me back. So I think it’s important if you do have a really great agent, listen to their advice on why they think you should do it. And also just don’t let fear hold you back.’

Dunn stunning at Paris Fashion week, wearing a statement necklace and an off-shoulder pink dress 

The model also said their were three golden rules to succeed in the modelling world.   

‘Number one – being on time. Get it together, be on time,’ she said. 

‘Number two is – to say hello, to say please, to say thank you. To leave that attitude at the door, come to work, be a positive energy’ she said. 

‘And last one, I would say, is – look after yourself, look after your health, look after your mind, your heart, your soul. It’s so important,’ she added. 

Vogue Visionaries Modelling with Jourdan Dunn is available on Youtube as part as the Vogue Visionaries series. 

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