Katie Price’s son Harvey smashed car windscreen with bare hands during outburst

Katie Price has told how her disabled son Harvey, 18, smashed a car windscreen with his bare hands and attempted to attack the driver.

The mum speaks about what it's like raising Harvey, who has ADHD, autism and Prader-Willi Syndrome in her BBC One documentary, Katie Price: Harvey and Me, which airs tonight.

Speaking out before the show airs, Katie claims it only shares a glimpse of his challenging behaviour as she told of the shocking moment he attacked the car that transports him to school.

Katie, 42, told The Sun: "To give you an idea how strong he is, he smashed out a windscreen on the car that takes him to school and back.

"If the routing goes wrong he gets out and just punches the window screen.

"I could have shown all that [in the documentary] and show all the smashed tellies lined up outside ready to be dumped. But I’m not really going to gain anything from all that. It's enough you see all the holes in the wall."

She explained she is concerned about the "damage he can do to himself".

She said If he smashes a window he can "cut his hand up', or risks splitting his head open because he "sometimes head butts the wall".

Katie is also worried that Harvey, who is also partially blind, might open a car door when the vehicle is moving.

She added that's why he always has "someone in the car with him when he goes to school", because sometimes he "might go for the driver."

Katie deliberately avoided showing Harvey's worst behaviour in the programme.

But in one scene shown tonight he headbutts and kicks doors during a tour of a residential centre.

Katie also told how Harvey had an outburst on a plane as he was coming back from a holiday in Turkey.

She said he "started kicking off' and everyone "had to get off the plane at the back end", because he wanted 'a second pizza and to stay on the plane'.

Katie said he was kicking and smashing the jet bridge as he got off the plane, resulting in armed police being called.

Harvey was then trying to pull phones off the wall and spinning round to kick everybody, Katie explained.

The mum said she told cops he has got autism and that they shouldn't worry as she would deal with him.

Katie's representative has been contacted by Daily Star Online for further comment.

Katie Price: Harvey and Me, airs Monday is on tonight on BBC one at 8.30pm.

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