Kingston Technology Rebrands Its Line of Gaming Memory to "Kingston Fury"

Kingston Technology has just announced a new line of gaming memory. This news comes shortly after the sale of its HyperX gaming brand to HP for $425 million USD.

Now rebranded to “Kingston Fury,” Kingston revealed plans for the performance-driven line of memory that spans from flash memory, SSDs, and DRAM. With the news, a few products were teased including; Kingston Fury Beast, a non-RGB gaming product for the price-conscious that offers speeds up to 3733MHz; the Kingston Fury Renegade, a memory for serious gamers that demand low latency with speeds up to 5333MHz; and finally the Kingston Fury Impact, memory for compact builds and laptops with speeds up to 3200MHz.

So far all we have is a teaser image of the Fury Renegade but an accompanying announcement video (seen below) states that a full reveal is coming on July 19.

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