Malin Åkerman, Connie Nielsen, Philip Winchester & Jack Donnelly Set to Star in Rom-Com ‘A Week In Paradise’ — Film News in Brief

MSR Media announced that Malin Åkerman (“Watchmen”), Connie Nielsen (“Wonder Woman”), Philip Winchester (“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”) and Jack Donnelly (“Atlantis”) have been cast in the upcoming romantic comedy film “A Week in Paradise.”

The film will follow Maggie (Åkerman), a film star who escapes to a tropical hotel in Nevis after discovering her film director husband (Donnelly) got his new leading lady pregnant. After a week in paradise, she discovers herself and meets a new love interest (Winchester), but the outside world soon comes crashing back in.

“A Week in Paradise” is directed by Philippe Martinez, and will begin shooting this week on Nevis. Produced by MSR Media’s Martinez and Highfield Grange Studios’ Alan Latham, the film is executive produced by Lee Beasley and Karinne Behr from MSR Media, Alastair Burlingham and Charlie Dombek of Sherborne Media and Jacob Katsman.

‘Black Widow’ to Open with Expanded Aspect Ratio Exclusively in IMAX

IMAX announced that select scenes of Marvel Studios’ “Black Widow” will debut on IMAX screens with an expanded aspect ratio. With 22 minutes of footage specially formatted for IMAX theatres, film fans can experience the film at 1.90:1 aspect ratio — showing up to 26% more of the onscreen image.

Aspect ratio is the technical term for the proportional relationship between an image’s width and height. While most films are presented in an aspect ratio called CinemaScope (2.40:1) which is why they appear very wide but not very high. IMAX provides filmmakers with the ability to use an expanded aspect ratio – allowing them to use more of the original image. Watching a film with an expanded aspect ratio provides audiences with a full immersive view that fills the peripheral vision more than any other cinematic experience.

Directed by Cate Shortland, “Black Widow” stars Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, David Harbour and Rachel Weisz. It will debut in IMAX theatres on July 9.

Filmhub Expands International Reach with rlaxx TV, PlayerPlus and Zuzu — EXCLUSIVE

Filmhub announced that it has closed three new international distribution deals with rlaxx TV (Germany), PlayerPlus (United Kingdom) and Zuzu (Canada). The deals will grant filmmakers further access to streaming services worldwide.

“One of the keys to monetizing film in today’s distribution landscape is being able to reach all streaming services as a filmmaker,” Filmhub CEO & co-founder Alan d’Escragnolle said in a statement. “These services are becoming increasingly fragmented worldwide as they each develop their own unique brand and audience. By partnering with these services, we can increase the likelihood of a film’s monetary success by bringing access to our filmmakers.” 

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