Man eats 20 slices of toast and 2.5kg of beans in under seven minutes

Kyle Gibson celebrating this weekend after becoming the UK’s first beans on toast champion.

The 21-year-old managed to consume 20 slices of toast and 2.5kg of beans – a gut-busting total of 4,000 calories – in just six minutes and 39 seconds.

Organiser Craig Harker, 33, was inspired to bring competitive eating to the UK by the American TV show Man v. Food.

He hosts challenges at venues around the country, including his own pub, the George Pub and Grill in Stockton-on-Tees.

This weekend he laid on the UK’s first beans on toast eating competition.

Craig said: ‘It’s never been done in the UK, a beans on toast competition has never been done here.

‘It’s a big messy challenge, most food challenges are clean but beans spice things up a bit.

‘Beans on toast is a meal anyone can make at home so people can relate and see how challenging this would be.

‘I tried it myself but I was no good at it, I tried it a couple of weeks before to see how it would be – I only managed six slices of toast and only a quarter of the beans.

‘For the owner of the league, I’m not very good at the challenges – I like coming up with them though.’

Kyle emerged the victor in this competition, closely followed by John Dawes in second, Brian Wilkinson in third, Cameron Turner in fourth, and Dylan Pearson in fifth.

Kyle isn’t a rookie though – he has been practising hard for challenges like this.

Craig added: ‘Kyle was the only one to finish it all.

‘They had to eat 20 slices of toast, about 2,000 calories, and 2.5kg of beans and juice, which is another 2,000 calories.

‘That’s a lot of food for any normal person, Kyle has been practising for a while and he’s trained his stomach to hold a large capacity – probably the most I’ve ever seen.

‘He goes by Kyle v Food, he’s got a YouTube channel and a Facebook page about it.

‘He was over the moon, he extended his lead in the league table.’

Craig’s events are getting increasingly popular, so much so that he now scores each winner with points – similar to the Grand Prix system.

He added: ‘The league ends in December, Kyle’s in first by 15 points. It’s unlikely he’ll be beaten, it will be very hard for anyone to catch him.

‘The next one is 10 McDonald’s cheeseburgers. For that one people have to pay to cover the cheeseburgers and there’s a £100 prize pot.

‘The beans on toast was £7 to enter. It probably cost roughly that to cover the food, then the prize was £150.

‘We have a chicken nugget eating contest in September with a £1,000 prize – we’ve got people from all over the world applying for that one.’

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