Mark Clattenburg has hair transplant top up before going into lockdown as ex-Prem referee has thinning locks covered – The Sun

FORMER Premier League ref Mark Clattenburg topped up his hair transplant before going into lockdown.

The ex-official filled in a patch of thinning hair on his crown and is sprouting his new locks while the UK hunkers down against coronavirus.

And when the country emerges from isolation, Clattenburg, 45, is hoping to have a full head of hair again.

The whistler underwent his second hair transplant at pals Ryan Giggs and Michael Vaughan’s new MHR Clinic in Harrogate recently.

The thinning ref has worked abroad in Saudi Arabia and China since quitting the Premier League in 2017.

In the same year he decided to add another 1,700 hairs to his original 8,500 hair transplant after losing more hair on his crown.

The media pundit told staff at the clinic: “It was time for a top up procedure.

“The hair on my crown thinned while I worked abroad and I needed another hair transplant.

“The procedures are so easy. Now I’ve got a full head of hair again.”

MHR Clinic managing director Craig Henton said: “Like all men, Mark’s hair reduces with age.

“This time we helped him cover a new area of hair loss. We’re delighted with the results.”

The clinic’s partner Giggs recently revealed in The Sun the details of his hair transplant and treatments.

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