Megan Fox: I was brought out and stoned after speaking out against Hollywood

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Megan Fox, the outspoken “Transformers” star who seemed to flame out in Hollywood after speaking out about the industry’s hypersexualization of women, is having a resurgence.

“It is a little bit like being a phoenix, like being resurrected from the ashes,” Fox told Instyle. The raven haired actress, 35, talked to the magazine about being vindicated in a post #Metoo Hollywood, where the script has flipped and women are objecting to being objectified.

In a 2009 interview with Wonderland magazine, she broke the Tinseltown omerta and bashed “Transformers” director Michael Bay, saying “he wants to be like Hitler on his sets” and suggesting that she was upset with the way he filmed her lasciviously.

She was dropped from the franchise’s third installment, “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” and Bay told GQ that executive producer Steven Spielberg was behind the directive.

“I was brought out and stoned and murdered at one point,” she said of the past decade. “And then suddenly everybody’s like, ‘Wait a second. We shouldn’t have done that. Let’s bring her back.’ “

She partially retreated from the Hollywood scene after “Jennifer’s Body” — a 2009 flick that was a dark comedy horror film but advertised as a racy thriller. Fox also married “90210” star Brian Austin Green with whom she had three children.

But she said she had an epiphany while in South Africa filming the 2020 flick “Rogue.”

“I took all my crystals, and I set up my little temple inside my room. I turned on this massive TV, and ‘Jonah Hex’ was on, which got panned in the press. It was supposed to be terrible.”

She realized the criticism was overblown.

“That night, I stayed up and promised myself that I would never live one more day of my life from fear. I came home, and my whole life changed. I got a divorce and I started working more and doing more things,” said Fox, who is also in a high-profile relationship with rapper Machine Gun Kelly. “Then literally everything exploded from there,” she said.

Her work in “Jonah Hex” and “Jennifer’s Body” has also been praised online by younger women on seeing it through a more modern, feminist lens.

In her next act, she plans to be just as unapologetic.

“I won’t lie, I do want to find a Marvel or a DC character that I’ve always wanted to play, and do one of those,” she said, adding, “People hate on you as an actor for that because it doesn’t get you the big awards. I don’t give a f–k. Give me an MTV award. I don’t need a fucking BAFTA.” 

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