Meghan Markle’s body language is ‘protective’ over ‘anxious’ Prince Harry in latest speech

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Meghan Markle, 39, and Prince Harry, 36, made their speech via video link from their home in California. A body language expert commented on the speech and what it may have revealed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spoke during a rare interview with the Evening Standard to discuss Black History Month.

They opened up on their own experiences and said they believed there is a lack of diversity and opportunity for BAME communities in the UK.

Analysing the speech, body language expert Judi James explained the interview really gave a glimpse into their lives.

She said: “Despite their recent denials, this very important interview is done very much in the manner of a mini-reality TV show.

“The couple are sitting casually together on their cream sofa, chatting about Archie and giggling about getting interrupted by the dog, who is then picked up and petted.”

Despite the informal tone of conversation, Judi stated that the Duke and Duchess had important points they wanted to get across.

“It makes the tone relaxed and friendly although, as usual, Meghan’s points are delivered with impact and power,” she continued.

“Her passion looks personal and her signature hand to the chest and eyes raised upward underlines her emotional connection to her subject.

“Her chatty delivery prevents her points from sounding like a lecture here and she is happy to interrupt one of Harry’s most important and, he says, controversial points about the Diversity dance routine, when the upstaging dog wanders into the room.”

While Meghan was confident, the expert claimed Prince Harry appeared slightly nervous before speaking.

The mother-of-one may have taken a protective approach with her husband and jumped in to help.

Judi continued: “Meghan leads the first answer and it looks clear from Harry’s body language as he waits his turn that he is experiencing some discomfort that looks tellingly like performer anxiety.

“Meghan tends to gaze supportively and adoringly at Harry while he speaks but when Harry is listening to his wife we see a long list of gestures that seem to hint at that discomfort.

“For example, lip-biting, a sucking in of his lips, some sniffing followed by hard swallowing and a small jaw-jut.

“Meghan seems to adopt a slightly protective approach towards her husband a couple of times as she holds her hand out, flat but with the palm turned inward, across Harry as he speaks.”

As Meghan and Prince Harry made key points about their own experiences, Judi said there were some signs of discomfort from both of the royals.

She added: “As Harry speaks of his ‘awakening’ he reveals, surprisingly, that he has been out on the streets in London, talking to people and to ‘find out that it doesn’t really feel as diverse as it actually is’.

“His verbal fillers increase as he talks about this important subject and even Meghan seems to mirror his discomfort by placing one hand between her crossed legs and smiling.

“Harry’s keenness for his subject and his messages are clearly visible though in some of his more emphatic gestures as he rubs his hands together; claps them to suggest keenness to create change, and even partially punches one first into the palm of his other hand.”

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