Morrisons £15 Valentine's Day meal deal includes lamb shanks and beef wellington – see the full menu

MORRISONS is bringing back its £15 Valentine’s Day meal deal and it includes lamb shanks and a beef wellington.

For that price, lovebirds can choose a starter, main, two sides, dessert, plus a drink or chocolates with all options taken from its premium The Best range.

The choice of main dishes includes The Best matured rump steaks with peppercorn butter – usually priced at £7 on its own.

You can then wash this down with a glass of the supermarket’s The Best Prosecco DOC bottle, which would also normally set you back £7 per 750ml bottle. 

The meal deal, which will be available in stores and online from February 10 to February 15, could be a good option as restaurants remain closed around the country due to coronavirus restrictions. 

Buying the romantic dinner can also help you save up to £15.25 on their candlelit dinner compared to buying each item individually.

What’s included in the Morrisons £15 Valentine’s Day meal deal?

IF you’re hungry for love, here’s what you’ll find on offer as part of Morrisons’ Valentine’s Day meal deal:

The price is £15 for a starter, main, two sides, dessert and a drink or chocolates.


  • The Best Chorizo Palmier (New and vegan) – usually £3
  • The Best Camembert Tear and Share Bread – usually £3.50
  • The Best Scottish Cooked Mussels in Chianti Red Wine & Iberico Chorizo Sauce (New) – usually £2
  • The Best Garlic and Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms – usually £2


  • The Best Mushroom and Leek Bake (New and vegan) – usually £5
  • The Best Lamb Shanks – usually £8
  • The Best Chicken Breast with Mushroom Butter, Porcini Crumb & Mushroom Masala Sauce (New) – usually £7
  • The Best Beef Wellington – usually £11
  • The Best Salmon Portions with Honey & Fennel Butter (New) – usually £5
  • The Best 21 Day Matured Rump Steaks With Peppercorn Butter – usually £7

Sides: (pick two)

  • The Best Chunky Chips with Cornish Sea Salt & Black Pepper (Vegan) – usually £.250
  • The Best Cauliflower Cheese – usually £2.50
  • The Best Petit Pois, Garden Peas and Edamame Beans (Vegan) – usually £2.50
  • The Best Green Vegetable Medley with Jersey Butter – usually £2.50
  • The Best Maris Piper Dauphinoise Potatoes – usually £2.50
  • The Best Ciabatta Bread Sticks – usually £2


  • The Best Raspberry Panna Cotta – usually £3
  • The Best Twin Tarte au Citron (New) – usually £3
  • The Best Salted Caramel & Chocolate Profiteroles (New) – usually £3
  • The Best Dulce du Leche – usually £3
  • The Best Chocolate Pudding Twin Pack (Vegan) – usually £2.50

Drinks or chocolates:

  • The Best Chilean Merlot (Vegan) –usually £7.75
  • The Best South African Sauvignon Blanc (Vegan) – usually £6.50
  • The Best Pinot Grigio Rose (Vegan) – usually £7.25
  • The Best Prosecco DOC(Vegan) – usually £7
  • The Best Trentino Pinot Grigio- usually £6.75
  • The Best Marques De Los Rios Rioja Crianza – usually £7.50
  • The Best Scilian Lemon Presse – usually £1.75
  • The Best Raspberry Lemonade Presse – usually £1.75
  • The Best Pomegranate & Pear Presse – usually £1.75
  • The Best Lemon & Mint Presse – usually £1.75
  • The Best Ginger Beer – usually £1.75
  • The Best Milk Chocolate Marc de Champagne Truffles – usually £3
  • The Best Chocolate Truffles – usually £3

You'll save the most money by buying the priciest products, although we'd always recommend going for what you actually fancy from the menu.

For example, savvy spenders should pair the most expensive starter, the £3.50 camembert tear and share bread, with the £11 beef wellington.

Add these together with two sides, mostly priced at £2.50 each and one of the more expensive desserts costing £3, plus the £7.75 Chilean Merlot, and your bill would come to £30.25 without the deal.

Unfortunately, the meal deal does not save you as much as it did last year.

With the 2020 Valentine's Day meal deal, you could save £19.20 buying dinner worth up to £34.20 for just £15, including the award-winning The Best Prosecco DOCG worth £10. 

This year, there are 34 different options to choose from, with non-alcohol drinkers also able to switch out a bottle of bubbles for chocolates or alcohol-free beverages.

New to the menu in 2021 are two starters – the vegan chorizo palmier and cooked mussels in chianti red wine and Iberico chorizo sauce. 

New mains include chicken breast with mushroom butter, porcini crumb and mushroom masala sauce or salmon portions with honey and fennel butter. 

There are two new dessert options two – the twin tarte au citron or salted caramel and chocolate profiteroles. 

The menu also includes a range of fully vegan options like the mushroom and leek bake, twin pack chocolate pudding and the Prosecco DOC.

If you're already planning how you'll spend February 14, check out the Morrisons online store finder to track down your nearest supermarket.

There are just under 500 Morrisons supermarkets to choose from in the UK.

But if you're an online shopper, you'll need to factor in a delivery cost, which varies depending on where and when you get your food delivered.

There's also a minimum spend required of £40.

Morrisons is not the only supermarket offering a two-person romantic meal for £15 this year. 

The Co-op has also announced its February 14 offering for £15, which includes one starter, main, side, dessert and bottle of fizz.

If you’re avoiding alcohol, the meal deal price is £12 – taking the saving down to £8 – if you substitute the bottle of booze for a soft drink.

The biggest saving of £9.80 comes if you choose any starter, steak, mashed potato, chocolate tortes and the Prosecco.

This combination of food would usually cost £24.80 – but you'll only pay £15 because of the meal deal.

Since you can save up to £15.20 with Morrisons £15 dinner, it is a much better deal.

At Morrisons, you’ll save £5.40 more compared to the Co-op plus you get two sides not one so it’s by far the better deal. 

Sainsbury's is offering a £20 Valentine's Day meal deal that includes steak with heart butter and Gu desserts.

This deal is slightly more expensive and you also get a starter, main, one side and dessert plus wine or chocolates. 

Here's how we rated all the Valentine's Day supermarket meal deals from 2020 including Tesco, M&S and Aldi.

Morrisons was rated highest with its impressive savings of £19.20 and a decent selection of food.

But Sainbury's was least impressive with a saving of £2.10 and a weak choice of grub.

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