Mortified mum rumbled by Siri as hot colleagues address read aloud at work

An anonymous woman has gone viral after sharing her “embarrassing” moment at work.

Twitter user Sarah Duggers shared a screenshot of a Mumsnet post which she said made her “properly lose it”.

Captioning the image Sarah said: “I have properly lost it after reading this on Mumsnet” – and it seemed lots of people agreed as the tweet racked up 24,800 likes and over 1,500 retweets.

In the Mumsnet post, the unnamed mum said it was the “most embarrassing thing ever” and that she wanted the “ground to swallow me up”.

She explained that the moment had happened after a colleague answered the phone in the office and her curiosity got the better of her.

The mum wrote: “Happened about an hour ago and I think I’ll need to go home and never come back to the office again

"I work with a very very very handsome man. He was on the phone in the office this morning trying to sort out someone to come and fix his boiler.

"He happened to say his postcode and me being the creepy wee lady I am put it into maps on my phone to see where he lived

"For some reason (and I still don’t know why) my phone blared.

“STARTING ROUTE FROM current location TO handsome man’s postcode.”

She continued: “I was 6 feet away in a quiet office. He turned to look and I couldn’t even look up for wanting the ground to swallow me whole.

“How do I come back from this?

“Please someone else tell me you’ve done something equally as embarrassing…”

In the comments on both Twitter and Mumsnet people were rolling around laughing – but some thought the situation was “creepy”.

One woman said: “That's awful and yet so funny. I'm dying for you.”

While another added: “Style it out. It's not your fault your phone accidentally had voice dictation on and HE WAS LOUD is it?”

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A third noted: “Oh wow. That’s incredible and there is no way out other than to leave immediately and never return! Just. Wow. I’m so sorry.”

But, not everyone found the gaffe funny as some said it came too close to “stalking” for their own comfort.

One Twitter user commented: “Other way around, he’d be in a cell now.”

While another added: “I actually find that creepy and wouldn't feel comfortable working with someone who thinks it's ok to do that and try to make a joke about it.

“If a man did that to me, I would be going straight to HR.”

What do you think of this situation? Funny or creepy? Tell us in the comments section…

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