Mum has miracle baby after docs discover hes healthy – during termination op

A mum had a “miracle” baby after doctors discovered she was pregnant with a healthy son during surgery to remove the embryo.

Siobhan Webb, 28, was taken to hospital at five weeks pregnant with severe cramping and was heartbroken when doctors said she was suffering an ectopic pregnancy.

But during surgery to terminate it, surgeons discovered the baby was not in fact growing outside the uterus and so they halted the procedure.

Two weeks ago [March 13] – seven months on from her ordeal – Siobhan welcomed son Freddie with her partner Lee Wellington, 29.

She said: “We keep saying it was a head-wreck moment, and we are just so grateful now that he’s finally here.

“I feel so relieved and smitten that I have my two perfect, beautiful children.”

Siobhan, who also has a three-year-old daughter with her ex husband, had been trying for a baby with Lee for two months before becoming pregnant with Freddie.

An ectopic pregnancy is where the fertilised egg implants outside of the uterus, and it is nearly always fatal for the baby and usually the mother too if left untreated.

Siobhan turned down an abortion injection, and elected to terminate the pregnancy with surgery.

Doctors warned they’d likely have to remove at least one of her fallopian tubes, reducing her future pregnancy chances.

When doctors discovered last Jully that there was no ectopic pregnancy they stopped the surgery. Further tests revealed she was in fact carrying a healthy embryo in her womb.

Support worker Siobhan said: “The doctor said my case was very unusual.

“She said they operated, had a look and there was no ectopic pregnancy and there was nothing there on my tube.

“It has been really weird because they can’t explain what it was they saw on the scan on my tube that could have been there – the doctor’s words were just that it was an unusual case.”

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Siobhan, of Callington, Cornwall, added: “After all this, I developed quite bad anxiety which I’ve battled with throughout the pregnancy, thinking something bad is going to happen.

“It has really messed with us being able to enjoy the pregnancy. We weren’t able to tell family and friends how we wanted to because with everything that happened, we had to tell them what was going on.

“It was a lot of stress and now we just want to raise awareness that you can be misdiagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy and still have a viable pregnancy but choosing the wrong cause of action could result in losing your healthy baby.

“Freddie is our little miracle in the sense that we were told we weren’t going to have our baby and actually, we are.”

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