Papabubble Shapes Up Japanese Sukiyaki “Beef Candy”

Artisan candy shop, Papabubble, has created unique sukiyaki candy strips ideal for beef lovers in Japan.

Labeled as “Beef Candy” (Gyuniku Kyandi), it resembles your premium marbled meat strips but tastes more like soy sauce, sugar and sake — ingredients that can be found in sukiyaki marinades, giving off a slightly sweet and salty flavor. The candy shop recommends using a hammer to break it into your desired size for serving. The strips can be stored at room temperature for up to 120 days in comparison to actual raw beef.

Pre-orders for the “Beef Candy” are available on Papabubble’s website for ¥1,500 JPY (approximately $14 USD) from June 1 to July 20. You also have an option to purchase the candy with a Paulownia wood box for ¥1,500 JPY (approximately $14 USD) or a supermarket butcher tray for only ¥1,250 JPY (approximately $11 USD).

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