Peter Wright’s hairdresser wife Joanne spends two hours a day sculpting PDC World Darts champion’s famous mohawk – The Sun

THERE'S a new name on the PDC World Darts trophy and Peter Wright's face could become the most recognisable yet, thanks to his incredible signature mohawk.

The Snakebite turned up with purple hair for the final as he blew favourite Michael Van Gerwen away 7-3, and now he will be first up in his living room for the new PDC Home Tour, as the darts world looks to lift the nation's spirit with competitive sport.

But the 50-year-old says his hairdresser wife may not be painting his legendary mohawk for this competition.

Joanne Wright is a hairdresser who owns her own salon called Medusa Hair in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

She typically spends up to two hours styling her hubby's hairdo before he takes to the stage.

And it was Peter's daughter who gave him the inspiration to dye it various colours over the years.


Before he faced Van Gerwen, Wright enjoyed a few hours of practice before enjoying some downtime.

While he psyched himself up, his missus got to work on his famous thatch, trimming it before spicing it up with colour.

"It takes about two hours every day after practice in my chilling out time," he revealed in 2013.

"I sit there chilling, and my wife Jo does my hair."

Normally, the war paint of choice features a snake, a tribute to his Snakebite nickname, which incidentally is his favourite drink.

The colour element was thanks to his daughter.

He told the Daily Mail: "It's down to my daughter because she's the one who has all different colour hair and I thought 'I'll try that.

"No other dart players have tried it and it just stuck. I class it as going to war with my war paint on ready for battle."


But, even when Wright is in meditation mode, he can't help but fidget when he's getting his hair done.

The longest it took, he once admitted, was four and a half hours. And when he got a bit bored, and started moving around, Joanne had a subtle way of keeping him still while she was working.

“The longest time was 4.5 hours. If you move, she gives you a tap on your head, I can not move," he revealed to RTL 7 Darts.

Jo is also in charge when it comes to selecting the style.

“Nine times out of ten I let Joanne do what she wants, she is the boss," he added.

But what does Dianne have in mind for tonight's event?

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