Plus-size influencer cruelly heckled while filming a video in a bikini

‘You ain’t cute!’ Plus-size influencer is mocked and harassed while filming a TikTok in a bikini at the beach – with video capturing strangers laughing at her and yelling ‘you’re f***ing fat’

  • Brooklyn Allen, 24, from Iowa, shared a behind-the-scenes clip of herself shooting a TikTok video at a beach near her home 
  • The influencer – who has amassed more than 160,000 fans on TikTok, where she posts plus-size fashion inspiration videos – shared it as an example of ‘fatphobia’
  • In the clip, Brooklyn is seen standing on a beach while wearing a red patterned two-piece bathing suit and denim shorts
  • She starts spraying herself with sunscreen, before posing with the bottles – which she was promoting – when people begin laughing and yelling at her 
  • As she continues to pose and film, people off-camera can be heard heckling her, yelling that she is fat, telling her she ‘isn’t cute’, and laughing at her 

A plus-size fashion influencer has shared a video of herself being brutally mocked and harassed while shooting a TikTok post at the beach in a bikini to prove to her followers that ‘fatphobia is real’. 

Brooklyn Allen, 24, from Iowa, shared the clip of herself at the beach on her TikTok account this week to offer her fans and followers an insight into life as a ‘fat person’. 

In the clip, which has amassed close to 350,000 views, Brooklyn can be seen standing on a beach while wearing a black-and-yellow bikini and a pair of denim shorts. 

‘[Point of view]: You’re a fat person trying to exist,’ she wrote at the top of the video, which she captioned: ‘And y’all think fatphobia isn’t real!’ 

A plus-size influencer has shared footage of herself being mocked and heckled by strangers while filming a TikTok video in a bikini 

Brooklyn Allen, 24, from Iowa, shared the clip of herself being cruelly mocked in order to prove to her followers that ‘fatphobia is real’

met some really sweet followers today 🥰 and y’all think fatphobia isn’t real lmao! #fatphobia #ootd #plussize #xyzbca

The footage – which Brooklyn was filming for a sponsored post promoting sunscreen – shows the fashion influencer reach into a tote bag on her shoulder and pull out a bottle of the SPF, before she start spraying it on herself. 

As she sprays the product and poses with it, people off-camera can be heard heckling her, with one screaming: ‘You ain’t cute!’ while others pointedly laugh in her direction with over-pronounced cackles. 

Despite their taunts, Brooklyn continues her shoot, posing with the bottle of SPF – all while the laughing and mockery carries on, with one person even yelling: ‘You’re f***ing fat!’ 

Speaking to Buzzfeed, the TikTok star opened up about the horrific experience, while also revealing why she chose to share the raw footage from her shoot with her followers. 

‘Neither I, nor my friend, picked up on the fact that they were yelling at us until she started making out what they were saying,’ Brooklyn shared. 

‘I tried really hard to block it out so I could get my job done, but it took a lot of patience. They screamed and laughed in the background of my photos and pictures the entire time I was there.’ 

The fashion lover added that she did attempt to defend herself against the hecklers, who were in the water while she was filming, she says that they continued to yell at her and mock her until she and her friend eventually left the beach. 

Speaking about the experience, Brooklyn described it as ‘dystopian’, noting that while she is used to being called ‘fat’ – and even concedes that it could be seen as ‘an observation’ – she felt the cruel way in which the hecklers treated her was ‘disgusting’. 

She added that the ‘extreme’ harassment she faced was like nothing she had ever experienced in the past, explaining that being ‘screamed at’ and ‘insulted’ by a ‘complete stranger’ was worse than anything she’s been through.

‘I’ve been called “fat” plenty of times, which is an observation at this point, and though it used to bother me, it doesn’t so much anymore,’ she said. 

‘I’ve known that fatphobia is rampant, and have experienced it in several ways, so it’s like this experience was the cherry on top,’ Brooklyn said of the harassment she faced 

Despite admitting she was ‘disgusted’ by the people who yelled at her, Brooklyn said she felt it was important to share the experience to help others

‘I’ve known that fatphobia is rampant, and have experienced it in several ways, so it’s like this experience was the cherry on top. 

‘I felt truly disgusted by them.’

The influencer found fame online with her ‘Skinny or Fit’ series in which she tried on different outfits that have already been modeled by slender women online in order to see whether they work on all body types – or only look fashionable because they were shown on a thin body. 

Despite the cruel comments she faced from the strangers at the beach, Brooklyn found plenty of support from her followers, who were quick to slam her hecklers in the comments section of her video. 

‘This actually breaks my heart. That suit is stunning,’ one person wrote, while another added: ‘You are stunning and they’re just miserable. thank you for being vulnerable and posting this for others to see.’

A third chimed in: ‘I don’t understand why people feel the need. You look great.’

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