Polyamorous couple share girlfriend and get looks everywhere they go in public

A polyamorous couple revealed they get ‘looks everywhere’ they go when they take their shared girlfriend on dates as a throuple.

Jess and Stephen Demarco, from Florida, US, have been together for 13 years.

They decided to take their relationship one step further by stepping into the world of polyamory – in their case, adding another lady into the mix.

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And with Jess being bi-sexual, she really is having her cake and eating it.

The 30-somethings go out together on dates – and sometimes bring their extended lover along for flirty nights out on the town.

But while their set-up may sound like the dream, it can come with difficulties.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, Jess and Stephen opened up about how their dating life works as a three – and they are no strangers to getting the odd look.

The couple explained: “You see people sitting at the bar and double checking over their shoulders to see what is going on.

“There was an old couple and they adjusted their seats to stare at us behind their menus.

“We definitely always get looks everywhere we go and then when we have two beautiful women and an attractive guy, sometimes people come up to us.

“I feel like when it’s usually in the bar and people are drinking we get the most talkative – and they ask a bunch of questions."

Some people even try to chat up either Jess or the girlfriend, without realising they are both with Stephen.

“They come up and say ‘hey can I buy this girl a drink’ and ‘I’m like she's my girlfriend’ and then he asks ‘how about you’ and then the other says ‘I'm his girlfriend too’.”

“Sometimes when she [Jess] goes to the bathroom a random girl will come up and say ‘I saw your man touch your friend’ like real nosy and then she has to tell them.

“I’ve had girls holla me to the bathroom and say ‘your man started kissing and touching your friend’.”

Despite “nosy” strangers, the pair are happy to date as a three to avoid anyone feeling left out.

“At first we do everything together as we don’t want anyone to feel left out and jealous that’s how we try to avoid jealousy," they voiced.

"But after we date for a while, whatever they want to do goes.

"There is a certain couple of days/dates where everybody feels the comfortability that there's no lying or sneaking and she’s comfortable understanding that our relationship is a foundation and she’s not trying to disrespect that then she is welcome to

"She is his girlfriend and I am her girlfriend and then we have moments together so whatever flows naturally."


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