PORTER's IRON BLUE TANKER GRIZZLY BEAR References Stuffed Bears from the 1940s

PORTER is releasing more celebratory items for the launch of its new IRON BLUE series.

This new item arrives in the form of the stuffed GRIZZLY BEAR. Standing 12 inches in height, the GRIZZLY BEAR references antique teddy bears from the ’40s with its German-made glass eyes and proportions. The bear also features jointed hands, feet, and head, and a brass chain with an engraved padlock collar.

Made in Japan, this IRON BLUE PORTER GRIZZLY BEAR is priced at ¥33,000 JPY (approximately $300 USD) and can be pre-ordered over at Yoshida Kaban.

In other PORTER news, the label has just released a full wardrobe cabinet made from TANKER material.
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