Powerful Natural Cleaning Brands That Are Safe for Your Kids & the Environment

Ahhh, spring cleaning season. While super beneficial, it isn’t always a task we’re eager to jump on right away. The solution? Cleaning brands that actually make you want to clean. You’re probably wondering how such a thing could exist, but it’s true: there are hard-working, effective, and safe cleaning products that will give you peace of mind while cleaning around the kids and you’ll have fun doing it. Better yet, these aren’t the cleaning brands your grandparents used back in the day — natural cleaning products are, dare we say it, sexy these days.

There’s a newer kid on the block Blueland, a direct-to-consumer cleaning brand that serves up Instagram-worthy refillable bottles that you’ll have no problem displaying proudly on your kitchen counter. Or, there’s something more luxe like The Laundress, whose claim to fame is natural cleaning products to wash your designer clothes. So, you can see cleaning has come a long way recently. With the proper products in your cleaning arsenal, there’s no reason to wait to do a deep clean once a year. Keep natural cleaning products at the ready, and you’ll find it enjoyable to clean a lot more regularly. Because these products are non-toxic, you can even get the kids to join in on the fun. Ahead, we’ve scouted the coolest, safest, and even art-worthy natural cleaning brands whose products are safe for you and the environment.

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