Protect Them From Noise and the Sun With These Stretchy Car Seat Canopies

Taking your baby along for car rides isn’t always smooth sailing, but there are a few easy things you can do to improve your chances of having a bump-free ride. If you don’t have a stretchy car seat canopy to shield your baby from the sun and help them feel a bit more cocooned and safe in public, then this is something to cross off your list sooner rather than later. This essential accessory comes in so many cute patterns, so it can become a fashion statement too.

The great thing about car seat canopies is that they’re excellent multi-taskers: from the car seat and shopping cart to a breast-feeding cover, they really do it all. Since these covers will be surrounding most of the car seat, it’s important to make sure they’re made out of a breathable fabric so your little one still has air flow while they’re covered. Many have an opening at the top, though, so they have some room to peep around. Ahead, we’ve selected the best car canopies to keep them at ease.

1. Parker Baby Canopy

Dainty yet functional, this four-in-one stretchy car seat canopy is an overachiever. This must-have baby accessory works as a breastfeeding cover, shopping cart cover, and infinity nursing scarf so if you want to take less things with you while you’re out and about, this is the way to go. Made with premium rayon blend fabric, it’s ultra stretchy and durable so it will last for years to come. It’s also super lightweight so you can feel comfortable and at ease if you decide to use it as a nursing scarf. Available in multiple solid and printed patterns, you can find the design that matches your mood or personality.

2. Yoofoss Car Seat Cover

Whether you want to shield out the harsh sun, wind, or summer heat, this darling stretchy car seat canopy will make your baby feel comfortable and safe. With this easy-to-use scarf-meets-car-seat-cover, you can easily maneuver it into what you need it to do — no straps or fasteners required. If you decide to use it as a nursing scarf, it provides 360-degree coverage for your privacy. This must-have baby accessory will blackout light so your baby can sleep safe and soundly in the car while letting in air flow for their comfort.

3. Acrabos Car Seat Canopy

If you’re concerned about a lack of air flow if you cover your baby’s car seat, you can take that worry away with this ultra breathable and stretchy car seat canopy. Plus, the preppy, striped design is classic and timeless, so you can use for any children you may have down the road. Unlike traditional covers, this innovative version boasts an adjustable opening with two zippers so you can take a peek at your little one without disturbing their slumber. Thanks to the zippers, you can control how much light and ventilation they get so you can make sure they are comfortable.

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