‘Renovations have begun’: Brothers destroy parents’ house over family feud

Two Australian brothers will face court this week after they using an excavator to rip shreds off their late parents’ house – to spite their sister.

Malcolm and Garry Taylor will be sentenced in Victoria’s County Court on Friday after pleading guilty to criminal damage.

The court earlier heard the brothers had travelled from their homes in Queensland to allegedly disrupt the sale of the Murtoa property, in regional Victoria, in March 2019.

The house was due to sell for A$99,000 ($105,833) but, as soon as the brothers caught wind of the sale, it’s alleged they booked an excavator in the nearby town of Horsham and planned their attack on the house.

“I bet it doesn’t look like that at 12 noon on Friday,” Malcolm texted his brother, after seeing photos of his parents’ Murtoa home.

The pair travelled to the ageing home and, with the excavator ready to go, texted their sister Kerrie-Ann Taylor.

“The renovations have begun,” Malcolm wrote.

Garry filmed his brother using an excavator to tear through the house’s walls.

Garry then filmed Malcolm rolling the property’s large, fibreglass water tank through the streets of Murtoa, leaving it at a large intersection in the country town.

Inside the home, the brothers allegedly used a can of spray paint to graffiti the rooms, including one message that read “Lois was here” with the outline of a body spray-painted on the floor.

Lois, the mother of Garry, Malcolm and Kerrie-Ann, died in 2013.

Kerrie-Ann was named the sole executor of her mother’s will after she died.

Despite the brothers contesting the will, the court ruled in Kerrie-Ann’s favour.

An auction to sell the home was still held a day after the brothers used the excavator but, unsurprisingly, the house did not sell.

It went on to sell for a measly A$7500, divided evenly between the three siblings.

Speaking on A Current Affair last night, Malcolm said he couldn’t say much because of his sentencing on Friday, but admitted the family feud was long and deep.

Malcolm said he and his sister had not had a relationship for almost a decade.

“We haven’t spoken to the maggot for seven or eight years,” Malcolm told the programme, referring to his sister.

The sale of the Murtoa home had already fallen through before the excavator attack.

The court heard Malcolm had disrupted another sale months earlier when he stole the hot water system.

The theft and property damage offences the brothers were charged with carry a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison but it’s likely they will walk away with fines.

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