Rhian Sugden bought her ex a willy cloning kit but he wasn’t happy with size

Men can sometimes be insecure about their penis size, and page 3 model Rhian Sugden has revealed that one ex-boyfriend even took the size of a casted version of his manhood to heart.

After a career posing for saucy snaps as a model and influencer, Rhian is now happily married to actor Oliver Mellor, who once starred in Coronation Street.

But, speaking on her new podcast, Hot and Bothered, which she hosts with OnlyFans model and actress Sarah Jayne Dunn, Rhian admitted that one saucy Valentine’s Day gift to an ex-boyfriend had not worked out as planned.

“I bought my ex-boyfriend a clone-a-willy kit, it was a luminous neon one, and I bought him it for Valentine’s Day.

“The process is not sexy, I thought ‘this is going to be really fun to make’. "

But Rhian explained how the charm quickly wore off when her ex-partner realised how long he would need to keep his manhood dipped in the liquid, while simultaneously maintaining peak performance.

“He had to keep a boner for a good 15 minutes, with his d*** in a bucket basically,” she laughed.

“And then that has to set, and then you have to peel it off and fill it, and put it in a fridge. I lived with friends at the time and it was very funny, they made me hide it behind stuff in the fridge to set.”

Events soon took a turn for the worst, when the couple realised that the size of the prosthetic instrument didn’t match reality.

She continued: “Then you put the little vibrating pack in it, and it works but he was very disappointed, he wouldn’t let me keep it very long because he clearly lost a bit of size in the cold gloop, so it didn’t give a good representation.

“So that was disposed of in a Tesco bin somewhere.”

This comes after Rhian delved into her OnlyFans career on another episode of the podcast, admitting that some followers ask her to sign her boobs with their name as part of the unusual requests she receives.

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