Shahs of Sunset's MJ Dishes on Reza Feud, Mike and Paulina Drama Ahead of Premiere (Exclusive)

The reality star also shares her thoughts on GG and Destiney taking sides with Reza.

“Shahs of Sunset” looks to be returning to pre-pandemic dramatic glory for its upcoming ninth season as the trailer featured tears flowing, fingers pointing and frenemies screaming.

Ahead of Sunday’s premiere, Mercedes “MJ” Javid chatted with TooFab about all things “Shahs,” including her bitter feud with Reza Farahan that dominated the crew’s lives last season and appears to spilling over into the latest one.

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“I’m sure that he would want to change a lot of things about me and I wish there were things that I could just change about him, but I guess, you know, that’s how family is,” MJ said of their relationship. “You love somebody so much, no matter what, and you can’t change people.”

ICYMI, last season Reza went off on MJ with horrific insults about her childbirth, as he believed she was the mastermind behind salacious rumors about his husband. MJ’s husband, Tommy, in turn, trashed Reza’s home, causing the reality star to obtain a restraining order and file a police report.

Now MJ is making it clear that she will always support Tommy, whom she said showed her the “true definition of loyalty and what that looks like.”

“But the history and the love that I have with Reza makes everything really complicated,” she explained. “Cause I love Reza. I just want to figure out how to get back to that ‘good, good.'”

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The reconciliation may be a difficult journey, though, as MJ said she is always the one expected to make the first peace offering.

“Reza and I have clear patterns that you’ll probably see play out from here to eternity,” she said. “I am that person in a relationship that wants to talk it out and start healing. And I don’t like to let things stew because during that time I’m just going to think the worst and let it get worse. I don’t think time heals if you don’t start working on it. Last year, you saw how things escalated — that was the result of not talking through anything.”

As for Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi and Destiney Rose appearing to take sides with Reza last season, MJ suggested the lines drawn are not as clear now.

“I don’t think that was my experience with everyone, but when I see Destiney sort of like ‘boo-ed up’ with Reza, I just want to make sure that she’s feeling her feelings without undue influence, you know? I’d want her to have her voice without feeling like she’s gonna get in trouble.”

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“Like I don’t want her to feel like she’s going to get in trouble and have consequences for doing and saying what she wants. Because when I was having a baby, I was put on an island so that made me feel like everyone really let me down instead of just kind of doing what they want.”

What appears to be the most dramatic storyline for the new season involves Mike Shouhed and his girlfriend Paulina, as a few intense scenes in the trailer feature the group discussing the couple’s woes. MJ, however, said she wasn’t going to point any fingers at who started the drama between the pair.

“Here’s the bottom line — I’m Team Them because they love each other and they’re so happy and, no matter what, there’s no point in taking sides because if you really want to be on their side, you’re going to be on both of their sides at all times.”

MJ then hilariously dished on how long she would stick with the Bravo reality show.

“Do we wanna do ‘Shahs’ on our walkers? Absolutely! Season 80 I’m getting vaginal rejuvenation, I’m gonna be polyamorous, and I’m gonna be the ‘HBIC’ of my retirement community.”

“Shahs of Sunset” returns this Sunday, May 16 at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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