Spoilers: Susan's mental health, Elly faces guilty plea and more in Neighbours

Amongst all the bad news of late there’s been a bit of good news from our Neighbours – they’re back up to three episodes a week, and just as Elly Conway’s (Jodi Anasta) huge trial is about to hit Ramsay Street. Drama!

This week there is a lot going on in Erinsborough, from the return of an unsavoury character who could prove to be a huge problem for Mackenzie (Georgie Stone), to huge fears for Susan Kennedy’s (Jackie Woodburne) mental health as she struggles to come to terms with life after what happened with Finn Kelly (Rob Mills).

Elly is facing the biggest day of her life as the trial bears down on her, and as it does some unexpected news comes her way that could change everything for her.

Sheila Canning (Colette Mann) is in for even more heartbreak when she learns something about her dead son Gary (Damien Richardson).

And Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) makes an admission that could spell the end of his marriage. Again.

Here’s what’s ahead in this week’s Neighbours.

Fears for Susan’s mental health

Karl and Bea are starting to fear for Susan’s mental state. She’s not been right ever since everything happened, and she seems to be becoming more and more fragile. They encourage her to go to a grief counselling group in the hope it will help her work through things, but when they manage to get her there they’re horrified to discover it’s the same one Sheila is going to. Sheila sees red over it, as far as she’s concerned they’ve caused her grief and now they’re taking away the one thing that was helping to make things better. Susan is too delicate to deal with the outburst. Could she be about to crumble?

Mannix is back in Ramsay Street

Mackenzie is about to get a new housemate – Paul Robinson’s old enemy Mannix. He’s still seriously bad news, but Mackenzie is none the wiser. All she knows is that he’s older and a bit rougher than the housemate she was expecting, and she’s nervous around him. The two manage to bond but she senses something is off about him. Then his behaviour starts to get secretive, and she knows something is up. His behaviour is stressing him out, something that doesn’t go unnoticed by Harlow who puts a plan into action to get to the bottom of what’s wrong with her friend. Will she learn more than she bargained for?

Karl confesses to blaming Susan

After overhearing Karl and Sheila talking, Susan puts pressure on Karl to say how he really feels, which is always a dangerous game to play. He cracks – admitting he blames her for everything that happened with Finn. Unfortunately, he hadn’t thought through what he was saying and quickly realises that now it’s out there he can’t take it back, and Susan is deeply hurt by his words. He tries to make amends but it’s too late – with Susan already in a fragile state this might be enough to tip her over the edge. Has it done irreparable damage to their marriage?

Mark uncovers a secret

Mark is worrying about Elly and encourages Chloe to make amends with her so that she has a friend to rely on. He’s relieved when she does, but where he’s solved one problem another one crops up – while at work he picks up a file that Sky most definitely did not want him to read. What has he found out?

Sheila discovers Gary’s debts

Sheila is having a hard time coming to terms with Gary’s death, especially as it seems like the rest of the world has already moved on. Things are set to get much worse for her when she learns he has left a load of debts behind him. But as she isn’t ready to sell anything of his to make up the cash, where will she find the money from?

Will Elly be forced to plead guilty?

Elly’s trial is approaching fast and things are looking wholly uncertain. At the moment things could go either way, she could get off scott free or the jury could convict her of murder. Then Toadie gets wind of a deal from the prosecution that if she pleads guilty they’ll downgrade the charge to voluntary manslaughter. Will she plead guilty to a crime she didn’t commit in a bid to spare herself a longer jail sentence?

Scenes air Monday 27th April, Tuesday 29th April and Friday 1st May on Channel 5.

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