Teen Mom Farrah Abraham celebrates 29th birthday in a thong bikini at the beach with daughter Sophia, 11 – The Sun

TEEN Mom Farrah Abraham gave her fans a birthday treat today as she celebrated her big day at the beach in a pink thong bikini.

The ex-porn star, 29, left little to the imagination in the neon two-piece which showed of her booty.

The mom-of-one showed of her curves in the tiny bathing suit as she splashed about in the ocean with fellow reality star Frenchy Morgan.

At one point Farrah could be seen grabbing Frenchy's boob, which was bursting out of her own minuscule bikini.

They looked like they didn't have a care in the world as they topped up their tans.

The pair were joined on the Malibu beach by Farrah's 11-year-old daughter Sophia.

After enjoying a day at the beach, the trio were seen heading home to continue the celebrations.

Today's fun was in stark contrast to last night when Farrah angered her fans after she shared videos taken from her apartment of the CVS across the street from her being looted, saying she’s “had enough of the criminals.”

She posted the clips both to her Instagram Stories and to her feed, ensure that as many of her 2 million followers saw them as possible.

This didn’t sit well with many of her fans.

They’re upset with the Teen Mom for focusing on replaceable “materialistic things” while others are focusing on making “systemic changes” with the Black Lives Matter protests after George Floyd’s death last week at the hands of a police officer.

A “huge fan” of hers told the reality star that they’re “really disappointed” with this “wrong message” she’s sharing.

The follower continued: “Right now the spotlight should be on ending police brutality and police violence…Who cares about cvs compared to ppls lives and systematic oppression.”

Others wondered if she realized that people just “want to be heard [because] they are mad n tired” and why she’s “only criticizing responses” to Breonna Taylor and George's deaths and not the deaths themselves.

“You my friend are a part of the problem,” one of the comments told the 29-year-old.

She just kept it going with a second video on her Instagram feed, in which she yells, “Crime! Stop stealing from CVS! It’s caught on camera! Get out of CVS now!”

People couldn’t believe how vocal she was being “about stealing but quiet for racism.”

Farrah praised herself for her actions in her caption, writing: “I’m thankful I use my voice for justice, I call police, I record and turn into police & with over 20 people in jail & 3 cars turned in.

“I’m blessed there’s people like me on this earth who care for store owners, working people!”

After watching both of the clips she shared, one fan called her out for posting “2 videos about looting but 1 post about George Floyd” and asked her to “be on the right side of history [and] use your platform for TRUE good and promote the change that we NEED!”

Another commented: “You’re mad about them looting but silent about them dying. You’re part of the problem. I’m about to unfollow you Farrah.”

One of her followers simply asked: “Where is your outrage for George Floyd?”


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