This Legendary Songwriter Wrote Hit Songs for Both Brandy and Monica

R&B singers Brandy and Monica are two of the most legendary vocalists of a generation. In the ’90s both women dominated the music charts with their hit songs like “Sittin Up In My Room” and “Angel of Mine.” In 1998, they came together to release their iconic hit single, “The Boy Is Mine” which remains a classic to this day.

However, their success separately and together was marred by the on-going feud between the pair. During the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards, where they performed “The Boy Is Mine” together for the first time, rumors swirled that they got into a physical altercation. Though both singers denied this at the time, in recent years, Producer Dallas Austin confirmed the news.

Despite their mega-talent, over the years, the women have had a contentious relationship. However, they did come together for 2012’s “It All Belongs To Me.” They also have a forthcoming Verzuz battle on the books. No matter their personal issues, the women are beyond talented and one songwriter is behind some of their biggest singles.

This how Monica and Brandy’s feud started

We know now that Monica and Brandy’s feud did in fact come to a head at the 1998 MTV Music Video Awards. “Before they could even get to the stage, Monica decked [Brandy] in the face,” Austin revealed in a 2019 interview with YouTube Vlogger, DJ Vlad. However, it was a strange winding road that led the women to this place.

The 1998 MTV Music Video Awards was actually the first time the singers had ever met face-to-face. They had come together for “The Boy Is Mine” which was on Brandy’s second studio album, Never Say Never. However, Monica had no interest in being on the song initially. She felt that Brandy, who also starred on Moesha and in Disney’s Cinderella had too much of a “good girl” image. Still, she agreed, and the song was a massive hit selling  2.6 million copies, winning awards, and spending 13 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

However, Monica was offended when Brandy performed the song on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno without her. Since the women already didn’t know each other well, the “Before You Walk Out Of My Life” singer was outraged.

Brandy and Monica have agreed to a Verzuz battle

Tension hasn’t exactly eased between the singers despite their reunion on their 2012 song. They have only ever performed “The Boy Is Mine” together once — back in 1998 and they’ve thrown shade at one another, especially in the years following the death of Whitney Houston who was very close with both singers.

At the 2018 Essence Festival, Brandy even changed the lyrics to “The Boy Is Mine” during her performance to “The Song Is Mine.” Still, the pair have agreed to a Verzuz battle which will take place Aug. 31 at 8 p.m. “Get ready for the queens!” the official Verzuz Instagram said.

“#History,” Brandy wrote. “Thank you @monicadenise and @verzuztv for making this happen. Let’s celebrate!!!!” Monica added, “”This will be historical. It’s an honor @brandy”

Songwriter Diane Warren wrote Brandy’s ‘Have You Ever’ and Monica’s ‘For You I Will’

Some of Brandy and Monica’s issues seem to stem from the fact that they’ve constantly been pitted against one another. Though their sound is different, much of their music has the same roots.

Legendary songwriter Diane Warren wrote Brandy’s “Have You Ever” and Monica’s “For You I Will.” When news of the upcoming Verzuz hit the news, Warren jokingly tweeted, “I’d be the winner anyway, I wrote both of those songs!!”

She also wrote, Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart” Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” and Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me.”

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